New goodies! The Sun Sniper camera strap…

Introducing the SUN SNIPER CAMERA sling! A new way of carrying your DSLR! or even works great with a compact digi cam.

The camera strap has evolved….

A simple idea based on the 1885 US calvary strap!

The SUN-SNIPER-STRAP, made by SUN-SNIPER GmbH, is the new generation of quick, pliant and ultra convenient camera straps for professional photographers.

The strap is fully adjustable and designed to work comfortably on both women and men of all shapes and sizes.

Removable ballistic nylon pad.

It features a SHOCK ABSORBER that absorbs jolts in the strap and makes carrying the camera even more comfortable. This feature spares the photographer’s back and reduces the load on the suspension point of the camera, the tripod socket. This positive effect is particularly noticeable with long lenses.

Built in shock absorber and removable pad.

The SHOCK ABSORBER is integrated in the strap and makes carrying the camera even more comfortable. The camera hangs over your backside and can be hoisted quickly, safely and ready to shoot.

Custom made webbing like a rail track

It allows the photographer to intuitively find the camera and the shutter button without losing sight of the subject. They can effortlessly move the camera to their face and capture images that would previously have been lost.

New way vs old way!

With the innovative RAIL-WAY strap, the carabiner glides along the strap to your eye as if it were on tracks, without great frictional resistance. The strap is worn diagonally over your chest and shoulder, so it is never in the way-not even when you turn the camera for portrait-style shots. You can carry your telephoto lens through crowds and narrow alleys without bumping into anything.


Special swivel system secures to tripod mount.

The SUN-SNIPER-STRAP is fastened to the tripod socket of the camera body or lens for added security. The SUN SNIPER STRAP Has been awarded most innovative new product in Germany and has had a host of rave reviews. We have been secretly testing some before going public… we love them. Try one for 14 days and if you are not impressed send it back for a full refund.

Available only direct online from Mainline Photo.

$99.00 plus postage.

One thought on “New goodies! The Sun Sniper camera strap…

  1. I note you refer to the Sunsniper being based upon the US Calvary design.

    I didnt know the US were around when the crucifixion took place. 🙂


    Have just found out about mainline

    Once I get my business on Bougainville running will be around for a Voigtlander 40 f/2



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