How to build a PC for best imaging and Photoshop performance.

These days with a little bit of effort designing and building your own PC can reap many benefits than just buying off the shelf. This post comes to us from Mainline Customer and Digital guru Jeremy Dadller of Image Science in Melbourne.

The heart of the system is the Intel i7 chip.

Jeremy writes:

The month started with the building of my new PC – I’ve written a long article about this which I won’t reproduce here – but this is the link you need if you’re interested in building or obtaining a PC specifically tuned for Photoshop efficiency. Very happy to receive your feedback and/or more tips for the article!

It’s a wonderful new machine, and feels nothing like my old machine. Very happy – and it wasn’t really that expensive – about 50% cheaper than any Mac equivalent, and while not as absolutely cheap as some of the ‘pre-packaged’ computer store PC options available, this machine is much better suited to Photoshop work than those off the shelf systems. The last system I built like this lasted me from 2003 to now, so I’m hoping to get a very long life out of this new beastie!

Thanks for this info Jeremy, I built my own PC suited to gaming and most probably the Photoshop PC that he has designed and built would run games like Crysis with no issues at all. Apart from his detailed explanation of the system and it’s components Jeremy also gives us some very cool ideas for software to use on your PC to keep it running at full speed and as clean as a whistle.

Why not take a moment to check out his website which contains a wealth of knowledge about digital imaging. Just click on the logo below.

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