Movie Review ” The Cove”

This weekend we watched the ” The Cove”, I honestly rented it thinking it was a thriller of some type… but it turned out to be a documentary about the secret cove in Japan where each year 23000 dolphins are killed and sold as whale meat to the unsuspecting public! This is hands down not only the saddest film we have seen but the best produced documentary ever. Quite simply you have to get your hands on a copy and watch it… then tell all your friends and family.

Click on the image above to go the movie website.

This is one of those doco’s that will make your blood boil! While watching you will vow to never buy anything Japanese again but… then you find out that this up until now was going on without the public’s knowledge.

Personally this really hit a cord with me as when I was studying my degree in Zoology I worked as a research assistant for a PHD project on Tiger snakes. I ended up with 17 tanks of reptiles and a couple of ex research snakes in my house. I became obsessed with keeping reptiles. Then one day I had an Epiphany after watching a program on conservation in Peru. These animals had more value in the wild so I released all my snakes and lizards back into the wild where they truly belonged. I have never looked back… best thing I have ever done.

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