What a ferret fun day we had!

These Ferret Fun Days are great for people or families who own ferrets, your ferrets get to know other ferrets and you get to know other ferret lovers.  They are also great for people who are thinking of adopting a ferret, you can talk to ferret owners and to the ferret carers who can recommend what type of ferret will suit you best.  While baby ferrets may look cuter than older ferrets, young ferrets are a bundle of energy, they also tend to be a bit wild and bite hard.  You may end up preferring an older, quieter and fully domesticated ferret.  That is why it is important you know what type of ferret suits you best, so you can enjoy your ferret and your ferret can enjoy being with you too.

Wow these things are fun!

We always take our ferrets to these ferret fun days for them to socialize with other ferrets and have fun in the enclosures especially prepared for them.  They come back home happy and exhausted after 3 hours of smelling other ferrets, exploring tunnels, boxes, and new textures like fresh straw and packing materials.  That day we adopted a little girl, a 5 month old baby ferret Fee who is a bundle of energy!.

Fee our new buddy bites an intruder!

This stuff is great… can you fill the lounge room with it?

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