The Panosaurus Panoramic tripod head… is coming to Australia!

Here at Mainlinephoto we are always on the search for new and unique products to add to our quality range of accessories. After the incredible success of our last product the Sun Sniper sling camera strap we thought nothing could surpass it in demand.


We now present the Panosaurus Tripod head. No need for a huge outlay to make perfect mega pixel or panoramic shots at only $139.00 you cannot go wrong. Now almost anyone who owns a digital camera can afford to try their hand at Panoramic photography.

The Panosaurus is made by inventor Greg Rubottom in the USA. It has evolved over several generations into a small mammal sorry… it’s current form. The Panosaurus has received many, many rave reviews,  to read what happy user Gordon Goale writes about it click  here or for even more detail read what Panoramic software guru Max Lyons has to say about it here.

First delivery is due 17th of May and we are taking pre orders now. Email us to be one of the first to experience the Panosaurus revolution!

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