New 90mm 3.5 Apo Lanthar SL II lenses have arrived!

Yesterday we received our first delivery of these superb close focus and portrait lenses. Available in both EOS and Nikon mount they are priced at a very reasonable $645.00 and $595.00. Price includes the hood and special close up filter which allows you to get to 32 cm. They are not called true Macro lenses as they do not give 1.1 but that has not made them any less of a winner.

Beautifully engineered with an Apochromatic optical design this lens gives great results and a soft creamy bokeh. Have a look at a quick shot I took below.

Just a quick shot of a Lens element. Without close up lens.

Plus all the new Cosina SL II lenses have the metering chip in them so you can use all metering modes including TTL flash etc… The only manual mode is focus!

But now check out the 100% crop!

To order one and start exploring the world of close up photography go to our webstore here.

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