Soapnuts as a detergent replacement. A review.

Never heard of Soapnuts? Well neither had I until the last issue of New Internationalist magazine arrived. Featured in the flyer with the magazine were these Soapnuts sold as an organic replacement for laundry detergent. They made all kinds of claims about these things and I must admit I was skeptical, but I went ahead and ordered some. When they arrived Monica was even more skeptical than I was, ” what these things will replace nearly a years washing detergent”. I pointed out that not only are they good for the environment but we would save at least a couple of hundred dollars… if they worked.

So this brought out the Scientist in me. I decided to put them to the test.  We had saved a whole weeks washing both human and ferret for this. First I followed the directions and placed 8 half shells into an old sock. Using medium size loads in our top loader with warm water I first washed regular clothes. Peeking into the machine mid cycle I saw no suds ( as they say there will be none) but did see little swirls of white bubbly trails, these are the Saponins that Soapnuts are extremely high in.

First load complete and drying I dumped in the bath towels next, then another load of regular clothes and last… the test of all tests the Ferret bedding! Well… well were we surprised! All of the clothes smelled clean without any hint of fragrance just clean and soft. Ditto the bath towels. The big surprise was the ferret bedding which even when washed in normal detergents still retains some of the musky odor… there was none!

Not only are you doing yourself good but the environment and your wallet also!

I would still keep a bottle of detergent handy for really soiled or stain removal but for everything else these Soapnuts get two thumbs up. I bought mine here at the New Internationalist online shop.

One thought on “Soapnuts as a detergent replacement. A review.

  1. Soapnuts are great in the laundry.
    If you would like to try a lovely lavender liquid soap (made from soapnuts) please drop a line!

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