Chow time… Puerco Pibil Mexican slow roasted pork

I have been a big fan of Robert Rodriguez ever since I saw the Mariachi several years ago. This recipe is featured in the extras in the” Once upon a time in Mexico” dvd. I have been meaning to make it for a few years now.. and this weekend finally got around to it.

Well I have to say that it was a total success I cooked it for my parents on Saturday and they loved it. So excited we were that it turned out so good, I drove 2 hours across Sydney on Sunday to buy more Anotto seeds ( a major ingredient) and cooked it again!

I followed the recipe exactly as shown in the video below.

This is a dish that has a wonderful flavour depth from all the ingredients… so do not skip any!

Now some tips for those in Australia…

First up is where the hell do you get Anotto seeds? Here are two mail order sources one is Monterey foods and the other is Herbies Spices you will need about 70 grams of seeds for the dish.

Watch out with the Anotto seeds they are like Turmeric they will dye most things they come in contact with a nice Orange colour so be careful.

Pork butt… I use Pork Scotch Fillet available at most good butchers go for around 2.0 kg.

All the other spices are available at the Asian or Indian stores.

I also used real Oranges for the juice.

Habaneros  and Banana leaves are available at any good Fruit shop. No Banana leaves just use foil. No Habaneros just use 4 Birds eye chillies.

Tip do not use more than one layer of Banana leaves and cover the dish well with foil to seal it all up well. This means you will get some nice juice.

Note 2 large marble size Habaneros is  if smaller use 3.

Tequila none to hand then get yourself a Mini bottle of the stuff and dump it all in.

Don’t worry about it turning out too Hot the Habaneros add a real chilli flavour  not heat. Just be careful handling those guys wash your hands and chopping board well!

Cook in a normal oven for 3.5 hours  at 160 or a fan forced at 150 degrees C. At the 3.5 hour mark I turn the oven off and leave it for the last 30min.

Just serve on white rice with some sour cream as a side dish or make some Mexican/Spanish rice recommended recipe here at Simply recipes.

Enjoy while watching any of the following Mexican Films…

El Mariachi


Once upon a time in Mexico

Amores Perros


Serves 4-5 or if you have leftovers make some burritos with the meat shredded serve with sour cream, guacamole, tomato, lettuce, and grated cheese.

2 thoughts on “Chow time… Puerco Pibil Mexican slow roasted pork

  1. Hi,

    This looks like a great recipe. I found it by searching ‘mexican roast pork’ in google. One comment though. Pork butt is an American misnomer. The butt is actually the top of the pork shoulder. Pork shoulder can be bought in Australia in 2kg sizes, and should lend a more flavourful and juicy flavour in the long slow cook that this dish requires, than the scotch fillet, which requires less cooking, but has less flavour.

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