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When only the best will do. The most exclusive Leica M9 half case.

The craftspeople at Artisan & Artist are increasing turning to produce products that reflect times past. When goods were produced with care, manual labour,  natural materials and most importantly for the love of the craft. This half case for the Leica M9 is a product of that ethos. If you want to own one of the rarest and most beautiful half cases ever made then be prepared to pay a premium for it and wait.

Meet the Aizome  Nile crocodile leather M9 half case.

Aizome is a Japanese name for natural pant based indigo dye  the oldest dying technique of Japan. Aizome  has more than 1000 years of history. It is also known as Japan blue (as it is considered the color of Japan) . Although nowadays the use of chemicals has become standard in leather and fabric dying.  Artisan & Artist have commissioned  a craftsman who still practices the traditional ways by using the natural process of extracting the dye from sukumo (fermented leaves of Polygonum Tynctorium).

Working with Aizome is an extremely long and complicated process for dying fabrics let alone Crocodile leather. Artisan and Artist have chosen this process because the end result is not only absolutely stunning but very exclusive.

Produced only in very limited numbers the case is available to special order $1795.00 approx 6 weeks delivery. To place an order contact us here

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