Bessa III Images of Sicily by Carla Drago.

Film director and photographer Carla Drago is currently working on a project in Sicily. She has sent us this postcard.

Carla Writes:

Thought you might like seeing some of the photos I took as part of my project in Sicily earlier in the year. It’s taken a while for me to process, scan, post process, and compile into a web album, but here they are.

Sicillian Smiles ( Carla Drago collection 2010)

I shot with Fuji Neopan 400, possibly not the best choice of film for the bright Sicilian sun, but I think the camera held up okay. I scanned the negs myself, using a Canon 8800F scanner and Vuescan software, and then did a bit of minimal post processing in PS5. There’s no cropping, just level and exposure adjustments. I’ve included almost all the images I shot. They’re not all keepers but thought it would be instructive to anyone interested in seeing how the camera performs. Take a look at the online album here at

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