The Travelling Bessa III project draws to an end.

Well it has been a long drawn out process, and the camera has crossed the country at least a dozen times and changed hands between 24 photographers in 6 states. Now it has finally arrived home to Mainlinephoto.

I wonder how many frequent flyer points it has clocked up

The Bessa has held up well with a few scuff marks and a other minor signs of wear. It has had a full service and is now ready to go up for the Lucky Draw to the particpants in the project. This will be done on Wednesday the 22nd of December and the Video of the draw will be posted here. The draw will be done by the Editor of Racetrack Magazine Andrew Speedy.

Good Luck to all and thank you for those were a part of the project

6 thoughts on “The Travelling Bessa III project draws to an end.

  1. Sincere thanks to Mainline and Horsham Colour for a great experience. The Bessa’s coming back to Melbourne! So close, so close 😉

  2. I recently looked at all the shots I took with this beauty during my participation of the project and was again surprised by the quality of its production. Best of luck to the new owner Ben and thanks heaps to Scott and everyone at Mainline!

  3. Hi there,

    Would it be possible to know what model is this Pelicase ? I am looking for one able to contain a voigtlander 667w but small enought to put in my backpack. Is this the 1150 ? 1200 ? Would you recommand another one for the Voigtlander ?
    Thanks a lot for your help !

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