Must have goodies……

In pursuit of our policy of bringing our customers the best range of Photographic accessories.

We have now added the following products to our range and are available instore or online.

Gepe Memory Card Safe Extreme:

Made in Germany these cases are like bullet proof vests for your precious memories. I have been using them for a few years now and they are perfect for the travelling photographer. I not only  don’t worry about my cards but also have no trouble locating them now. I use one colour for empty cards and another for full! Available in 4 colours $29.95

Hoodman memory cards:

These cards represent the next generation of Memory cards like solid state drives are taking the place of the old hard drives as they are far more less prone to failure. These cards are made in the USA and the chip is encased in epoxy and a steel cased housing. Best thing is that this makes them completely watertight… big step forward for those of us who travel in all-weather. Available in SD and CF versions these cards are not mass-produced so they are more expensive but if you need the best and safest image storage then you can purchase them here.

Rising Pinhole lens caps:

What fun these little beauties are! Take a simple lens cap add in a custom laser machined anodised aluminium plate  and bingo it turns your digital camera into a pinhole camera. Dabble in pinhole photography from $30.00 instructions and exposure tables included. Take me to the pinholes!

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