Looking for a photographic workshop with a difference. Try this one.

The Dawn of Photography workshops are run by The Eastman Musuem.  This particular workshop is run in the historic village of Lacock, England where the  Lacock Abbey was once home to Henry Fox Talbot. Who produced the world’s first photographic negatives in the mid-1830s and thus this place is considered the birthplace of negative/positive photography. Very Hallowed ground!

Take a photo course in the birthplace of film photography!

Lacock Village and the Lacock Abbey are also well known as the setting for many of  the Harry Potter movies. The entire village is protected by the National Trust and preserved with no visible trappings of the 21st century.

All participants in the course will be given wooden replica cameras based on Talbot’s originals to use and keep. They will also receive a wood-and-glass printing frame, a period style portfolio to preserve their images and a facsimile copy of Talbot’s original 1839 announcement of the process.

After initial instruction on the process and its variants, everyone will have several days to make images of the village and the abbey. Contact prints of botanicals will be made from the same type flowers and leaves Talbot used that still grow on the grounds of the abbey. Discover that photography was very colorful in the days before brown became the standard. No photographic experience is necessary. The photogenic drawing process is simple and the results extraordinary.

Limited to 10 participants, this five-day workshop is suitable for curators, historians, artists and anyone interested in the art and history of photography. Interested then read more here Dawn of Photography.

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