Macro and Fisheye Lenses now available for order!

We are proud to announce our partnership with Japan based company Yasuhara. We will be supplying their exciting macro and super wide angle lenses to keep both ends of the focal length spectrum available to photographers on a budget.

Pricing has been set at a very affordable $299.00 for the Fisheye lens available in Sony NEX mount, and $499.00 for the Nano lens which is available in both NEX and MFT mounts. Click on the image of our showroom foyer to see the full size version.



 The MADOKA 180 Degree Fisheye really performs, lots of fun to be had here.


The awesome NANAHO X5 Lens.

This Nano lens really should be considered a Microscope lens objects need to be 11mm in front of the lens, read more about the lenses here on the Yasuhara website.

NanohaX5 from Jean-Baptiste Lefournier on Vimeo.

Pretty cool for Nano video too!

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