Mamiya Six Feature

The Mamiya Six IV Early Type has been with us for a while here at Mainline. Paul Daniels at Camera Exchange owed us a bit of cash but we got this nice camera instead. The 6×6 Folding camera was a basis for later 6& 7 Mamiya camera designs.

Mamiya Six IV

Mamiya Six IV

From Camerapedia:

“The Mamiya Six III and III were wartime and immediate postwar models, and had both eye-level and waist-level finders. The coupled rangefinder was combined with the eye-level finder. As a result, there were three windows at the front of the top housing. The Mamiya Six III added an exposure counter with double exposure prevention.”

“With the Mamiya Six IV, introduced in 1947, the waist-level finder disappeared. It remained the sole model until 1953. The Mamiya Six V added the dual 6×6 and 4.5×6 format capability, with an exposure counter functioning with both formats. The Mamiya Six K was a simpler model, with film advance via red windows.”

Mamiya 6 Blog 2

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