X100 Firmware Update Announced and X100 Ramble

Fuji really have outdone themselves here.

If any of you are still using a vintage X100 camera then like me, you will be thrilled to hear that Fuji has just come out with another firmware update that promises faster startup time, quicker AF speed and focus peaking. This seems like a kind gesture from Fuji as they understand that without the fantastic sales figures from the X100, they wouldn’t be doing nearly so well today in late 2013.

Fuji X100 with standard issue Red ACAM-103 Strap and Red bug

Fuji X100 with standard issue Red ACAM-103 Strap and Red bug

In the nine months following it’s release in Feburary 2011, the X100 sold about 100,000 units; a large volume for a premium camera over $1000. Early popularity of the X series continued with the release of the X10 and thirdly the X-Pro 1, an ILC.  Fuji’s highly desirable X range cameras were not without faults however, the X100 was plagued with slow focus and menu issues which adamant Fuji-fans dismissed as unimportant considering the image quality produced from the sensor and lens combination. The general response from the Fuji-X100-Toting-forum-posters was that you just have to get used to it’s idiosyncrasies. Conversely, I feel that there’s no point in having such great imaging quality if you cant rapidly focus on a man crossing the street in front of you or perhaps a building sliding past a car window.

Fujifilm has now given us X100 users a great set of upgrades to the camera’s performance and handling – lessons learned, one can assume, from the production of the X100S cameras –  a long awaited but unexpected answer from the company finally addressing fairly conclusively most of the obvious problems that could be found on your cute retro styled digital rangefinder.


DP Review has a good summary on the features of this upgrade and a lovely stock image of the X100.

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