Fujifilm Polaroid Woes!

Four days ago, a Fujifilm representative responded to an email from the Phoblographer (Chris Gampat). In their response, the representative advised that “FP-3000B is being discontinued, as a result of decreases in world-wide global demand.”

The very thing

This has caused general dismay in the film-shooting online communities across the world and a petition is already in place to protest the discontinuation of this product (Please see the Change.org petition and sign if you haven’t already!)

The FP-3000B film stock is a favourite of amateurs and professionals alike, being compatible with the famous Land Polaroid cameras and many Polaroid backs for medium format cameras. With very fast processing speeds and a unique light sensitivity, what’s not to like?

We at Mainline all love this film dearly and would be unhappy to see it go. This is a frame I took with a Land camera last year demonstrating the FP-3000B’s beautiful gradations from black to white.



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