Leica II Turns up

In this photograph is an 82 (maybe 81) year old Leica.

82 years is a long time for anything to run for, let alone a very precise instrument such as this. Granted, there have been signs of a qualified technician servicing this but as far as we can tell, all the visible parts are original. You can see how the once white ink has corroded (or more likely, allowed for corrosive elements to come in contact with) the glossy black finish to leave an interesting scarring effect. All the speeds are dead on still (probably thanks to the CLA it’s had somewhere along the line) and the wind on is still smooth.

Leica IId_DSF7640

Very cool! It’s clearly seen some careful and consistent use which is in my opinion the only practical way to ensure a long life for your vintage gear.

Tell us about your oldest camera below!

5 thoughts on “Leica II Turns up

  1. My oldest at the moment is a 1934 Leica Model F (also with with nickel Elmar most of the time) and it also works beautifully: shutter is spot on.

  2. Not quite as old. Three Rolleiflex – a “standard” Planar 2.8 K7E3 from 1962-65 period, a WA K7W from 1961-65 and a Tele K7S from 1959-75. Don’t know exact year for any of them. I think you could safely say they’re each about 50 years old.

  3. Hi Scott, Made a comment in reply but didn’t see how to add a photo. Here’s the Rolleiflex kit.


  4. Nice one
    I have a 1949 Leica IIIc with a 1937 Collapsible Leitz Summar 5cm. great camera.

    My oldest camera is probably a box camera from the 20’s.

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