The Mainlinephoto camera museum is growing!

Many of our customers know we have a rather large and rapidly expanding old film camera collection which has become our pride and joy.

Last week a customer donated his complete Czechoslovakian TLR camera collection which has every model made pre Meopta and post Meopta ( except for the very first model). Awesome thanks Mark they are proudly on display now.


Got an old classic camera you don’t want gathering dust then donate it to us let us know what you have and if we don’t have it in our collection we will even pay the postage !

One thought on “The Mainlinephoto camera museum is growing!

  1. That’s awesome, but what if so many donate their cameras that there is no room left. I suppose that will be a problem that you’ll just have to cope with.

    Have been looking at your fav. tripods Sirui on the WWW and noticed that the company won an award over all other makers including Glitzo. I’m mighty glad that I’m about to buy a Sirui kit.

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