New addition to the family, Crumpy the dog.

As many of our customers already know here at Mainlinephoto we are passionate animal lovers supporting several animal welfare groups. We have been long time members of the NSW Ferret welfare society and currently have several adopted ferrets. Now we have a new addition to our family Crumpy who we have fostered from Doggie Rescue. My wife who works as a kennel manager at Doggie Rescue formed a special bond with Crumpy who came to them extremely traumatised so much that no kennel hand could go near him he would bite anyone who tried to handle him. He was found almost dead on the roadside in Bringelly, the wonderful lady who stopped and picked him up took him to a nearby shelter, he was finally transferred to Doggie Rescue at Ingelside where he was washed and checked by their vets all under sedation. He was deemed fear aggressive with little chance of adoption. We just had to take him and give him a loving home as he was suffering in the shelter. He still has a long way to go but he at least gets on well with our ferrets and enjoys playing hide and seek with them.


Crumpy stealing the ferrets toys…

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