One thought on “NISI filter review by Dylan Toh

  1. Hi Dylan,
    I concur with your comments, but would add a couple more comments.The Lee landscape 105 mm circular polariser I have screws onto the front of the Lee filter holder, this leaves a noticeable light gap and is a pain to rotate as the entire filter holder turns, so you need to hold the filter holder.
    I have found the Nisi circular polariser simple to use and it achieves a much better result.
    I do have some concern about the tightness of the Nisi holder; I find it difficult to slide any filter into the grooves to the point where I am concerned I may break the Nisi glass filters.
    Another issue I have with the Nisi glass filters is that they appear to mist over so much, no matter how much I clean the glass, I find it almost impossible to get a streak free glass despite using a range of lens cleaning fluids.
    I have now purchased cleaning fluid direct from Mainline Photographics to overcome this problem

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