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NISI filter review by Dylan Toh

Professional photographer and writer reviews the NISI Square filter system and compares it to the LEE system.

The superb range of NISI filters is now available from Mainlinephoto here

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One thought on “NISI filter review by Dylan Toh Leave a comment

  1. Hi Dylan,
    I concur with your comments, but would add a couple more comments.The Lee landscape 105 mm circular polariser I have screws onto the front of the Lee filter holder, this leaves a noticeable light gap and is a pain to rotate as the entire filter holder turns, so you need to hold the filter holder.
    I have found the Nisi circular polariser simple to use and it achieves a much better result.
    I do have some concern about the tightness of the Nisi holder; I find it difficult to slide any filter into the grooves to the point where I am concerned I may break the Nisi glass filters.
    Another issue I have with the Nisi glass filters is that they appear to mist over so much, no matter how much I clean the glass, I find it almost impossible to get a streak free glass despite using a range of lens cleaning fluids.
    I have now purchased cleaning fluid direct from Mainline Photographics to overcome this problem

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