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I’m Scott  the owner and operator of Mainline Photographics, an importer and supplier of high quality photographic supplies and accessories in Sydney Australia.

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Mainlinephoto is like the old corner shop… friendly, helpful and offers old style service…

Mainline Photographics is a family run and owned business that has been serving the photographic trade for nearly 45  years. Started in 1970 by John it has now been in the family for two generations.

Our focus has always been on delivering quality products that work into the marketplace in Australia and providing the best back up service possible.

Over the years our business has gone through several changes from its days as a chain of retail stores to becoming one of the few Leica specialist stores, to it’s current format of importer and wholesaler who now also sells direct online. Yet whilst our business model may have changed over the years, one thing that has not, is our passion for photography and our customers.

We are not your usual camera store in fact we do even sell all the big brands of digital cameras and lenses, what we do sell is a high quality very niche range of accessories for enhancing your photographic experience.

Our focus is on you.

We sell our products direct online or through a select and highly specialised set of stockists.


We also have a sister business in New Zealand, Progear Ltd  almost all of our products are available from them so if you are located in NZ then please visit their site here.

Scott and team.

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