Voigtlander 10 & 15mm E mount lenses now taking Pre orders

We are now taking Pre Orders for delivery in April for the 15mm E mount $1295 and May for the 10mm E mount $1495 or  10mm M mount $1395. Both E mount lenses have a dedicated electronic E mount which allows them to use the functions listed below. And the 10mm in Leica M mount is going to make history as the widest M lens ever made!

We expect demand to be very high for these lenses so get your Pre Order in now to make sure you don’t miss out!


The 10mm is available in both M mount $1395 and Sony E mount $1495

Function of Voigtländer E-Mount Lens
1. Exif
Pictures can store the Exif data of Lens.
2. Lens Correction Data
You can set Auto Lens Correction on camera bodies;
* Fall off ———————–> Auto / Off
* Chromatic Aberration —> Auto / Off
* Distortion ——————-> Auto / Off
3. Manual Focus Assist
Magnified Live View Image will be seen on camera body LCD screen when the Focus Ring
rotation is detected on the camera body.
4. Focus Distance Setting
Focus Distance Setting Indication will be seen (At which point you are focusing on now. For
instrance, 3.5m, or so.) on camera body LCD screen when the Focus Ring rotation is detected on
the camera body.
6. 5-Axis Image Stabilization
The 5-axis Image Stabilization works cooperatively with Voigtlander E-mount

The tiny but awesome Nissin i40 flash is now available from Mainlinephoto

This little award winning flash caught our eye as so many of our customers are shooting with Olympus or Panasonic MFT or Sony A7 series cameras that we just had to start selling it.


This little unit punches well above it’s size and it does everything you could ever want from a flash see the reviews at the links below.

David Partington

CT Digital Photo magazine

Available for purchase here.

Kowa wide angle MFT lenses available from Mainlinephoto

We are proud to have added to our growing range of Micro Four Thirds lenses. The Japanese made Kowa range which includes the 8.5mm and the 12mm. Lots of fun to be had with these little beauties!



Also available in Green to special order, I think all lenses should be green….


The 8.5mm 2.8 looks to be a red hot seller especially neat is the close focus of 20cm. This means that it will be a very cool wide angle for video on the GH series cameras and the Blackmagic Pocket Cine Camera. Available to order here.

Digital Black and White Photography Workshop by Len Metcalf


Want to shoot jaw-dropping black and whites?  Spend a week with Len Metcalf, one of Australia’s master fine art photographers, and learn the trade secrets from someone who knows.  In November 2015 spend a week in the Snowy Mountains.  For those that want even more an extension of the tour is planned for the following week. Need a holiday? Take a photo break with this tour. More information here

Great landscape photography app

Mainline customer and friend Tim Pulton of One of a Kind Photographic adventures has designed a nifty app for outdoor photographers that gives images and locations with tips on shooting that location, such as best times pubs close by etc…. best of all it’s free!


This app is only going to get better and better over time like a fine wine…

You can download in the itunes store here plus a more in depth explanation of it can be found here.

Top performing lenses on the Sony A7 cameras our pick

So you have got yourself a nice new Sony A7 camera ( like us) and you are looking for the best performers in the Voigtlander range of M mount lenses. These are our top picks for the A7R , A7 , A7S and the new MkII any will give impressive results.

Number 1:

40mm 6086-1200


The 40mm 1.4 nokton punches well above it’s price point our best seller for the A7

Number 2:


As close to the Leica Summilux as a lens can be the 35mm 1.2 Nokton what bokeh!

Number 3:

Voigtlander 21mm f1.8 Ultron1

Want wide and fast get both here with the 21mm 1.8 Ultron.

These are our 3 top sellers for the A7 cameras you cannot go wrong with any of them, we offer a 14 day return on all Voigtlander so what have you got to lose if you don’t like it you can return it.