A sudden spike in Rolleiflex sales and service…. the Vivian Maier effect

Over the last few months we have had an unusually high number of requests for Rolleiflexes and a corresponding increase in the volume of them coming in for service. Then a customer gave us a copy of Vivian Maier’s latest book, it was then the penny dropped so to speak.


Without going into the whole story which you can read about here at Editor John Maloof’s site.  This is a series of books worthy of any photographers coffee table. There are 3 books in the series all are available on amazon.


The Mainlinephoto camera museum is growing!

Many of our customers know we have a rather large and rapidly expanding old film camera collection which has become our pride and joy.

Last week a customer donated his complete Czechoslovakian TLR camera collection which has every model made pre Meopta and post Meopta ( except for the very first model). Awesome thanks Mark they are proudly on display now.


Got an old classic camera you don’t want gathering dust then donate it to us let us know what you have and if we don’t have it in our collection we will even pay the postage !

Mainline Camera Museum Continues to Grow

We recently received a generous gift for our growing camera museum. A Mainline customer acquired for us a rare Nikkorex outfit:

The Nikkorex Auto 35 with optional Tele Attachment:

Nikkorex Auto 35 with super rare Telephoto lens attatchment. Cool!
Nikkorex Auto 35 with super rare Telephoto lens attachment. Cool!

If you have an old camera lying around and gathering dust, why don’t you donate it to our ever growing camera museum? Your camera may be featured on our blog and will be on display in our Crows Nest showroom. Contact us at (02) 9437-5800 or email us at sales@mainlinephoto.com

Photos from Mainline Customer’s Autographic Kodak Jr

Mainline customer Clay has recently had his Kodak Autographic Junior restored with us. He emailed us some great black and white photos taken with this grand old camera

Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400

A bit about this camera:

The Autographic Kodak Jr camera is a medium format camera with a fold out lens-bellows assembly that was produced between 1914 and 1927. Kodak made over 800,000 units making this one of the first mass production cameras of the 20th century. If featured a B&L lens with effective apertures from f8 – f32. The camera came with a stylus which allowed the photographer to write things upon the film paper such as the date or the subject of a photograph. Hence “Autographic.”

Restoration & Repair

Leica M3 1 C

As a part of my apprenticeship here at Mainline, I am learning about restoring and repairing old M series cameras.  To further my education in this black art, I have acquired a Double Stroke Leica M3 from one of our customers.

When I first picked up the camera, the slow shutter speeds (1sec, 1/2 sec etc) were double to three times the marked duration on the dial, parts of the leatherette were missing and the viewfinder was less than perfect. These are pretty normal signs of wear that you will see on many M3s (especially the older Double Stroke models).

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The Outstanding Olympus XA2

Taken with an OMD + 35mm f1.4 Voigtlander Nokton
XA2 with optional A11 flash accessory

I first saw this camera sitting on the shelf in our “dead camera” section of the showroom. I couldn’t have taken it seriously as at a glance, it is a consumer grade point-and-shoot camera with no real manual controls.

Little did I know how capable (and fun) this camera would turn out to be in the real world.

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