Friday Photo

Today’s image is from Mainline customer Julian Hurrell and was taken with the Voigtlander 40mm 2.8 Heliar lens on a Sony A7 camera. Great shot thanks for sharing it with us.


 ” Dad at Home” Julian’s father outside the house he grew up in Comboyne NSW.

Mainline Staff Member and Photographer Rene Vogelzang with Discovery Photographers

Rene in association with Discovery Photographers displayed a set of photo panels and an interactive 360 display at Parliament House last week for the NSW National Parks Exhibition “Saved”

Rene Vogelzang Saved

This fantastic video shows the interactive touchscreen display, programmed and operated by Rene himself

The Hello Kitty Leica M6…… Real or not?

Well this weeks Friday photo really got my readers interested is it real or not?  Check this out… photoshop has alot to answer for! The police forensic squads must hate it ( or love it depending on which country you live in).

Hey look here is Penelope Cruz using one… but wait there is something missing from the top plate.. he.he

The master of all this can be found here.