The OMD-EM1 goes to the St Ives Medieval fair.

Took my OMD and the 45mm 1.8 off to the fair last weekend and had a great time, forgot my spare battery though….


The king about to experience DBT ( death by tickling)


The jousting was fantastic to watch… now that’s an extreme sport!


We watched the finals of the 2015 World Broadsword championships… in the front row

Then my battery ran out and my phone was full oh well… so I just focused on having a good time!

See you there next year!

Having fun with the new ipad.

Well I could not resist the new ipad and could not be happier with it, images look gorgeous the app’s are great and it is a lot of fun. One thing that is really fun is the painting you can do, all you need is a Nomadbrush and a sketching or painting app and off you go! Check out the water colour below my friend Ash Kanna did the other night while visiting us.

This was done using the Auryn Ink app.


“Relaxed” by Ash Kanna

Every photographer needs to know this.

How to do a perfect job of tying your tie! Presented by Mainlinephoto customer  Gudio Wong. Shot on his X100. No smoke or mirrors were used in the making of this video. Oh and no ferrets either.

Guido apart from being into all things nice writes a blog sorry bRog called Most Exerent check it out if you like the finer things in life Guido has got you covered!

Improve your Photography. Learn about yourself.

If you are going to pay to learn about something there is one key factor that will make the difference between just completing  a course or actually achieving a transformation. The quality of the teacher.  Lenard Metcalf is a teacher and trainer of the highest calibre and also a very accomplished photographer.

Len’s runs Len’s School which embodies this spirit of looking inwards to discover a students hidden talents. Lenard is able to achieve this as he is a master of  adult education.

As Lenard guides you through your journey of photographic enlightenment you seem to assimilate information without realising it.

Len’s Masterclass is taught over a full year with set classes and terms using both classroom and outdoor settings, this  allows the student to get maximum benefit from Len’s incredible knowledge.

If you are serious about improving your photography or wish to learn more about your inner often hidden talents then the Masterclass is for you.

Len’s School is proudly supported by Mainlinephoto and you can find more information here

Camera Exchange moves to new Box Hill address.

Our friends at Camera Exchange in Melbourne have just completed the move from the CBD to the suburbs and are now located at Box Hill in the same complex as the Hi Fi Exchange.

As one of our premium resellers we wish John and his staff all the best at this new location.  Plus as Paul Daniels pointed out at least they will have some fine stereos to listen to.

The New contact details are:
Unit 17
277 Middleborough Rd
Box Hill South VIC 3128
03 9898 4999