Mainline Taronga Zoo Expedition 2013

Work experience student Mao was given the taxing task of photographing animals at the Taronga Zoo last Friday. With David Jenkins as her experienced guide, she set off on a photographic mission.

Here are some fantastic photographs that Mao brought back from the day.

Make sure to click on the images to see the full resolution

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Looking for a photographic workshop with a difference. Try this one.

The Dawn of Photography workshops are run by The Eastman Musuem.  This particular workshop is run in the historic village of Lacock, England where the  Lacock Abbey was once home to Henry Fox Talbot. Who produced the world’s first photographic negatives in the mid-1830s and thus this place is considered the birthplace of negative/positive photography. Very Hallowed ground!

Take a photo course in the birthplace of film photography!

Lacock Village and the Lacock Abbey are also well known as the setting for many of  the Harry Potter movies. The entire village is protected by the National Trust and preserved with no visible trappings of the 21st century.

All participants in the course will be given wooden replica cameras based on Talbot’s originals to use and keep. They will also receive a wood-and-glass printing frame, a period style portfolio to preserve their images and a facsimile copy of Talbot’s original 1839 announcement of the process.

After initial instruction on the process and its variants, everyone will have several days to make images of the village and the abbey. Contact prints of botanicals will be made from the same type flowers and leaves Talbot used that still grow on the grounds of the abbey. Discover that photography was very colorful in the days before brown became the standard. No photographic experience is necessary. The photogenic drawing process is simple and the results extraordinary.

Limited to 10 participants, this five-day workshop is suitable for curators, historians, artists and anyone interested in the art and history of photography. Interested then read more here Dawn of Photography.

Still Moments… an exhibition of fine art landscape photographs by Warren Hinder.

Warren Hinder is a published and collected photographer who lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. He is also a Mainline Customer and film user. Starting on the 8th of August through to the 30th of August he has a gallery showing of his best works at the Nolan on Lovel gallery in Katoomba his home town. Warren’s work focuses on the quiet side of nature his work is both technically excellent and beautiful at the same time. It is this type of photography at it’s best… it makes you stop look and relax. If you are looking for an excuse to get to the mountains this winter now you have it… plus do not forget to take the drive further west to Mt Victoria and have a browse in the best boy’s shop since camera store’s were invented at Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

Warren Hinder 1

“Cow Bay” copyright Warren Hinder

Ricky Maynard Exhibition. Portrait of a Distant Land.

Tasmanian Aboriginal documentary photographer Ricky Maynard (and Mainline Customer) has been in the news of late with his travelling exhibition “Portrait of a Distant land” arriving in Sydney. Ricky’s photography tells his people’s story from their perspective… not the usual white academics. Ricky is a highly accomplished photographer, who still uses and believes in large format film photography. Rick can be seen in the video using his trusty 8×10 Ebony field camera.

The ABC featured a documentary on him in it’s indigenous program Message stick. Click on the video below to go to the ABC website and watch it.

Rick Maynard

Currently the exhibition is on at the Museum of Contemporary arts in the Rocks Sydney until August the 23rd for more details click here Portrait of a Distant land.

The Mission

“The Mission” Ricky Maynard collection

Seeing Ricky at work and seeing the images he produces makes you realise what goes into producing such quality photography. Combine 8×10, silver gelatin and a photographer  who is passionate about their subject, and you get great work. Watch the video and see what photography is all about! Go Ricky!

Natures best Photography.

The Natures Best Photography awards are dedicated in memory of conservation advocate Windland ( Wendy) Rice Smith. Run and sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute the annual Wendy Smith Rice Natures Best Photo competition is not only for a good cause ( see here) but is worth at least taking the time to have a browse through the galleries of entrants images and put in a vote for them! Even better is to enter some images yourself. You might just win!

Wendy Smith RiceWendy Rice Smith conservationist and photographer taken from us too soon.

Aiming to create and rekindle a passion for outdoor enjoyment through the art of photography, these awards are international and hopefully inspiring to a younger city oriented generation of photographers. Open to all levels of experience both film or digital.

Baby Polar bears

Polar bear cubs. Photo Jenny Ross Natures Best Publishing 2009

Enter the galleries here