Dial M for Leica M in May. 1/2 price consignment commission on Leica M.

As we all know May the 10th is going to be a big day for Leica M. So in order to help our customers who wish to sell their M9 or M8 or any Leica M mount lenses, we are offering from now until the 31st of May 2012 to sell your Leica M camera or lenses at half our normal consignment commission of 20%. That makes it 10% of the sale price.

M2-MP  Turn it into cash at only 10% commission!

Sell any Leica M lens at 10% commission!

Sell your M8, M8.2 or M9 to upgrade to the M10

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Leica pulls a rabbit out of their hat. Will the M9 become the digital equal of the M6.

Well then…. Leica get’s it right with the M9… kind of reminds me of the M5 and then Leica got it right with the highly successful M6 which sold virtually unchanged for 24 years! Now that’s what I call a product life cycle.

This camera will be a winner on all front’s for them. Full size sensor blah blah etc etc…… you know all the details. If not they are here.

M9At the retail price of just over the $8.5 grand AUD it is even better value than I expected. Hopefully within the next weeks I will get my hands on one to play with… as usual the folks are posting their first impressions all over the net and they seem to be extremely positive. No we have the digital equal of the M6 and I hope that this will see Leica stay with us until well into the future.  Way to go Mr Leica!

Could it be that the Leica M9 release is about to become a reality?

NOW 100% confirmed the event is for the S2 and M9 release!!!!

Doing the rounds of Leica dealers and the like here in OZ is a flyer inviting those valued folks to a secret and special PREMIERE EVENT! Maybe Leica has employed the security team from Apple and actually managed to keep the M9 completely under wraps until this event takes place? I mean no images nothing… nada really has come out of Germany just smug comments like ” it will come”.

The image below is a copy of the flyer sent out today by Ryan Williams of Adeal the Leica agents here. I called him to check if it was the real m coy and he confirmed this but nothing else.


Not invited…Well… we could always gate crash?

Sure it could be the S2 release though everyone knows about that. Hmmm S2 or M9… heads or tails. Well only a few more sleeps will tell as the same event is on the 10th of September in the US. Maybe we should scrap the Mainline footy pools this week and start giving odds on what will Leica be showing!

It seems that a worldwide announcement from Leica will happen on the 09-09-09! Strange stuff as Apple are going to announce something on that date too…

Leica M9 rumors… we have it on very good authority that…

It seems that the M9 is due to become a reality sooner than we think! As an interesting thing happened today… we had a visit from the manager of one of Australia’s biggest Leica dealers who stated the following! ( disclaimer we are not a Leica reseller):

That Leica distributors worldwide are accepting orders for the M9!

He claimed that the camera was due to be released this December.

Plus adding fuel to the fire is the latest version of Capture One Pro 4.82 contains a generic profile for the Leica M9!

But wait there is more… a leading French photographic magazine has stated that the M9 is coming as soon as September!

Leica M9 concept

Possible concept M9 from a fan on Leica Rumors

All I can say is that this person has not been wrong before… and I would not be posting this here if I did not trust Mr ——-‘s information.

Leica…Leica how come you are still with us!

Great reading and watching is Christian Sandstroms work on disruption in the Photographic Industry especially when it come to Leica. He asks the question why is Leica still with us? In one year the company which has only 1000 employees lost 20 million euros !!!

Which I figure is a really darn good question. With all of it’s issues and up’s and downs it still seems to be with us… but for how much longer?