This ipad game seems to be custom made for me puzzles include a Leica M3 and Ferrets… Wow.

I love playing the games along similar lines to this one The Vengeance part of the  Grim tales series by Big Fish games. Check them out if you are an old skool adventure gamer, or anyone that likes puzzles these have great graphics and storylines plus the bonus you can play the first chapter free and then if you like it buy it.

This game came with a few suprises one puzzle with ferrets and then another with a Leica M3 camera that you have to find the parts for… got me thinking do they have a profile on me or what?


I didn’t know ferrets could look so evil… but I knew what trick to do to get past them…


Ha ha a Leica M3 IN A GAME cool… find some film and you are ready to shoot..

Some of my other favourite Big Fish games are:

Lockwood , Spirits , The Fall , Found , Devils Triangle , Haunted Past , Drawn 1 & 2 , Beyond and Ship of Bones check them out here at big fish they cover all platforms PC , Mac, ipad and Android. Have fun!

Having fun with the new ipad.

Well I could not resist the new ipad and could not be happier with it, images look gorgeous the app’s are great and it is a lot of fun. One thing that is really fun is the painting you can do, all you need is a Nomadbrush and a sketching or painting app and off you go! Check out the water colour below my friend Ash Kanna did the other night while visiting us.

This was done using the Auryn Ink app.


“Relaxed” by Ash Kanna

Back to film with a Polaroid Land camera.

I have temporarily left the digital Super Highway, though I must admit once you are on it, it is very hard to find an exit. Well an old Polaroid Land camera has provided just that. It seems like I last shot Polaroids centuries ago!

The view from our office window!

As soon as I peeled off my first shot a few days ago I was hooked! The contrast, the detail ( see the scan above at full size) the whole look is so retro and cool. I have been using the Fuji 3000B pack film.