Novoflex Quadropod… no it’s not a tripod. 4 legs are good!

We get asked all the time if we sell tripods or what do we recommend. There are plenty of good tripods out there and we have even dabbled in them over the years selling Gitzo and Fiesol to name a few. In the end we stopped to concentrate on our other products as the good old tripod had just become to me too. Or as the Vietnamese say “Same, Same but different!”

Well that has all changed now with the German made Novoflex “Quadropod”a four leg modular camera support system like nothing else we have seen. For a very small weight premium you the photographer gain a far more stable and way strong support for any type of camera. The four infinitely adjustable legs allow very quick leveling of the unit which supports over 100 kg.

Need a monopod for a lightweight weekend bush walk or trip overseas then just unscrew a leg.  Hey bingo instant monopod! Not only is having four legs more stable and stronger it also means you have more space to stand in when you are behind the camera.

The “Quadropod” is not the cheapest system around and nor did Novoflex intend it to be. This tripod will take it’s place amongst the most innovative products to come out in the last few years. The build quality, engineering and manufacturing is of the highest standard we have seen. This is a tripod for those that appreciate quality and want the best in class performance.

Available with either aluminium or carbon fibre legs prices will start at $995.oo.

Stock will be arriving towards the end of April. Interested in knowing more email us with your postal address and we will send you the nice colour brochure.

Get a wider view! How to create great Digital Panoramas. Tools for the job and know how.

If you own a decent digital camera you can create some darn good Panoramas. Why is panoramic photography so popular what is it that makes it look so good? simply because it re creates what we see… when we take in that breathlessly beautiful vista we are seeing in as they say panoramas. Interested in creating your own with a minimum of fuss and computer time then Novoflex have you covered.

Novoflex Pano cover

Novoflex Panorama systems. Info and know how in this free guide.

Novoflex produce a range of products for making panoramic images easier. From the simple Panorama plate to their VR systems for shooting giant megapixel images, this German manufacturer has what you need. Professionals use a panoramic head as paralux error can result in a poor quality image, especially if you have subject matter in the foreground. The keen hobbyist photographer can also benefit from a Panoramic head, if you are wanting to sell your pictures, or print them large or just chasing the best quality, you’ll want to make sure you have a panoramic head. A panoramic head also makes things simpler and more systematic, and you will spend much less time trying to stitch the pictures together afterwards.

Interested in learning more then email us here with your address for the free 8 page colour brochure by Novoflex on Digital Panoramic photography.

Is this a cheaper way to a digital body for your M lenses?

The Panasonic GI has finally started arriving to our distant shores and looks like it is going to be another winner for them. But what has got my interest is the new Micro four thirds mount which with an adapter from Novoflex is able to take almost any Leica or Voigtlander M mount lens. If Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape’s first reports of this camera are anything to go by. I think we might have a nice inexpensive digital solution for M lens owners wishing to use their treasured glass on a digital body. Sure it is not a substitute for an M8 but an alternative. Can’t wait to try one out. I will let you know my own thoughts on it for all us M lens owners.


G1 with a nice Leica M lens using Novoflex adapter MFT-LM

My friend Uncle Gordy already has the luck to have one of these and he says in the US the rangefinder folk are  going crazy over this camera! He writes “DPReview always has the most extensive reviews. They really like the camera but complain about only two lenses being available. Ha! They don’t realize what a great platform it is for just about every 35mm prime ever made as well as a lot of non-35mm lenses. You can put more lenses on this camera than any other camera ever made”.


With an LTM adapter you can even use screw mount lenses such as the Voigtlander 21mm.

What a nice racy red one!