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Finally we have got around to launching a new enhanced website. Powered by big commerce it is already proving very popular so to celebrate we are offering free standard shipping and discounted express delivery until the 14th of February 2015. Just register when you checkout and enter the coupon code NEWSHOP.

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The Mainlinephoto camera museum is growing!

Many of our customers know we have a rather large and rapidly expanding old film camera collection which has become our pride and joy.

Last week a customer donated his complete Czechoslovakian TLR camera collection which has every model made pre Meopta and post Meopta ( except for the very first model). Awesome thanks Mark they are proudly on display now.


Got an old classic camera you don’t want gathering dust then donate it to us let us know what you have and if we don’t have it in our collection we will even pay the postage !

Maronites on the Mountain Trail

Mainline Customer Mike Cottee sent us a photo of a Maronite Monk that he took whilst walking the Lebanon Mountain Trail.

No Funny Business - Photograph by Mike Cottee 2013
No Funny Business – Photograph by Mike Cottee 2013

The Maronites are a Syriac-Christian ethnoreligious group in the Levant region. They are said to derive their name from the Syriac Aramean saint Mar Maron (Mar, the Syriac title for a Master, is used in reference to saints) whose followers moved to Mount Lebanon from northern Syria establishing the Maronite Church.

Maronites were able to maintain an independent status in Mount Lebanon and its coastline after the Arab Islamic conquest, maintaining their religion and language there until the 13th century. Remnants of their language exist in Cyprus and formerly in some secluded mountain villages, which have since adopted Arabic due to government standardization.

The (LMT) is the first long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon. It extends from Al-Qbaiyat in the north of Lebanon to Marjaayoun in the south, a 440-km (275 miles) path that transects more than 75 towns and villages at altitude ranging from 600 meters to 2,000 meters (about 1,800-6,000 feet) above sea level. The LMT showcases the natural beauty and cultural wealth of Lebanon’s mountains and demonstrates the determination of the people of Lebanon to conserve this unique heritage. The trail brings communities closer together and expands economic opportunities in rural areas through environmentally and socially responsible tourism. for more information on the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Photos from Mainline Customer’s Autographic Kodak Jr

Mainline customer Clay has recently had his Kodak Autographic Junior restored with us. He emailed us some great black and white photos taken with this grand old camera

Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400
Kodak Autographic Junior + Ilford Delta 400

A bit about this camera:

The Autographic Kodak Jr camera is a medium format camera with a fold out lens-bellows assembly that was produced between 1914 and 1927. Kodak made over 800,000 units making this one of the first mass production cameras of the 20th century. If featured a B&L lens with effective apertures from f8 – f32. The camera came with a stylus which allowed the photographer to write things upon the film paper such as the date or the subject of a photograph. Hence “Autographic.”