Handy app for getting your tripod and head level, Pro Compass iphone app

This is a great little app that really works as promised not only does it look cool but it does the job of getting everything level quickly, especially in low light no torch needed. Those in camera levels can be very inaccurate so spend the dollar and get it today. Oh and works as a compass too!

Pro Compass

More info on this great tool can be found here at Hunter Instruments. Only available for the iphone.

Great landscape photography app

Mainline customer and friend Tim Pulton of One of a Kind Photographic adventures has designed a nifty app for outdoor photographers that gives images and locations with tips on shooting that location, such as best times pubs close by etc…. best of all it’s free!


This app is only going to get better and better over time like a fine wine…

You can download in the itunes store here plus a more in depth explanation of it can be found here.

Calling all Panoramic photographers… Get your entries in the EPSON PANO AWARDS.

“Long Reef beach”   ( David Jenkins Nomad Photography)

14th place Nature & Landscape 2011 Pano Awards

It’s on again the world’s greatest Panoramic Photographic competition! Last year several of our customers won places, cash and kudos! Don’t be shy… sort through those files and enter you best shot.

Entries close 20th of April.

The Panosaurus Panoramic tripod head… is coming to Australia!

Here at Mainlinephoto we are always on the search for new and unique products to add to our quality range of accessories. After the incredible success of our last product the Sun Sniper sling camera strap we thought nothing could surpass it in demand.


We now present the Panosaurus Tripod head. No need for a huge outlay to make perfect mega pixel or panoramic shots at only $139.00 you cannot go wrong. Now almost anyone who owns a digital camera can afford to try their hand at Panoramic photography.

The Panosaurus is made by inventor Greg Rubottom in the USA. It has evolved over several generations into a small mammal sorry… it’s current form. The Panosaurus has received many, many rave reviews,  to read what happy user Gordon Goale writes about it click  here or for even more detail read what Panoramic software guru Max Lyons has to say about it here.

First delivery is due 17th of May and we are taking pre orders now. Email us to be one of the first to experience the Panosaurus revolution!

Customer Profile Landsacpe photographer Archie Muntz

Good old Archie Muntz has been a Mainline customer for many years now.  His day job is to die for he is the Manager and overseer of the reclamation of  Curtis Island in the Great Barrier Reef National Park Queensland. What does that all mean? It means he is the guy responsible for seeing the reclamation of the 3000 ha cattle farming property that once occupied this island and making sure it is with a little help returned to a natural state. This gives him endless opportunity to carry out his second profession Landscape Photography!

Archie on the right enjoying some down time!

Archie now has his website up and running and what I really love about it is that it has so much personal info and reading on it. So many Photographers websites are just about the images. Not Archie’s he writes about his life, work, photography and travels at the same time. Lots of interesting reading here. Take a look at his website here “As I was looking”

Archie told me it took 5 years to get his website up and running and I can see why, it’s more like a book than just another photo gallery. Of particular interest is his writing and images of the process of reclaiming the old property “Spadely” on Curtis Island Queensland.

Archie shoots with a range of interesting cameras ( in fact I think he keeps ebay in business with his love of old film gear) from xpans to fuji 645 and a Balda 69 of all things! In the end his devotion to film really shines through in his photography… Way to go Archie!

Get a wider view! How to create great Digital Panoramas. Tools for the job and know how.

If you own a decent digital camera you can create some darn good Panoramas. Why is panoramic photography so popular what is it that makes it look so good? simply because it re creates what we see… when we take in that breathlessly beautiful vista we are seeing in as they say panoramas. Interested in creating your own with a minimum of fuss and computer time then Novoflex have you covered.

Novoflex Pano cover

Novoflex Panorama systems. Info and know how in this free guide.

Novoflex produce a range of products for making panoramic images easier. From the simple Panorama plate to their VR systems for shooting giant megapixel images, this German manufacturer has what you need. Professionals use a panoramic head as paralux error can result in a poor quality image, especially if you have subject matter in the foreground. The keen hobbyist photographer can also benefit from a Panoramic head, if you are wanting to sell your pictures, or print them large or just chasing the best quality, you’ll want to make sure you have a panoramic head. A panoramic head also makes things simpler and more systematic, and you will spend much less time trying to stitch the pictures together afterwards.

Interested in learning more then email us here with your address for the free 8 page colour brochure by Novoflex on Digital Panoramic photography.