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New product the Spinpod

Just add a phone and start taking seamless Panos that will impress your friends!


New from Voigtlander

The 12mm M mount lens!

Long awaited by those few who love wide wide angles has been the make over of the 12mm screw mount lens. Now with a dedicated M mount rangefinder coupled focusing and a 67mm filter thread. It is sure to be a winner.

March $795 without finder

New compact all metal 12mm finder.

Due at the same time as the lens. $295


New from Voigtlander

Nokton 1

Not much needs to be said about this lens. It has sold itself when first posted on this blog the number of hits went into the stratosphere!

Now available $1295

15mm 4.5 leica M mount lens.


Very nice indeed the 15mm has always been the best seller in the Voigtlander range and now with so many Leica M8 owners buying them it made sense for Cosina to bring out an updated version with an M mount and a 52mm front filter thread! Also the lens is now rangefinder coupled which is good news for the digital crowd, plus good news for me is the bigger hood to keep your fingers out of the photo’s!

Available now Price $795

20mm 3.5 SL II Lens


In addition to the already popular 58mm and 40mm SLR lenses Cosina have produced this new little gem for use on both analog and digital bodies fully equipped with cpu for metering etc.. These superb manual focus prime lenses have taken digital photographers back to the future. Currently produced in Pentax K and Nikon AIS mounts.

Available now $545

15mm-35mm Zoom viewfinder


Nice work boys! Finally a zoom viewfinder for everyone. Has settings for crop factors for 1.3 and 1.5 how good is that. Perfect for the M8 or RD-1 user or the analog user who wants to ditch several single finders. 2x crop version also available for Micro Four thirds cameras.

Available now $650

Bessa III 667 Rangefinder


The joint 667 project between Fuji and Voigtlander has really pulled a rabbit out.. so to speak. To produce a film medium format camera in this day and age! But what an icon it will be! probably the last major production of a film camera in this format.

Shoots roll film in 6×6 or 6×7 format with an 80mm lens. Fully integrated meter and rangefinder.

In stock $2895

New from B+W filters

The ultra slim XS-PRO Digital filter rangexs-pro

The ultimate digital filter slimline with front threads. All XS-Pro filters employ a newly developed mounting ring that is especially suited for SLRs with wide angle and zoom lenses. The extremely thin design prevents the mounting ring from vignetting in even the widest shots.This filter fulfills the desire of many photographers for pure lens protection without a filter effect. Its only function is to keep dirt, sand, or splashes away from the front lens. The extremely clear special glass with high transmission is MRC-finished. Currently available in 77mm only.

Available now $153 ( 77mm)

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