Sell with us.

You have come to the right place to sell your used Leica camera gear.

Mainline Photographics have been offering consignment (commission) sales since opening our first store in 1970. During the 37 years since then we have successfully sold tens of thousands of photographic items. We are always looking for more quality camera gear to sell on your behalf.

If it is more convenient or you live interstate we can arrange for one of our trusted couriers to collect your equipment.

M3 7

Vintage and Rare Leica cameras and lenses are our specialities

We are always after good used  Leica cameras and Lenses. Rare and collectible Vintage Leica items right through to the current generation digital Leica cameras.

After we have checked the equipment we will then give you a suggested selling price for each item. If you are not happy with our valuation we will arrange for the equipment to be returned to you.

While we specialise in Leica we are always after:

Linhof 617 cameras

Linhof Large format such at Master Technika 45

Mamiya 7 II cameras and lenses

Hasselblad Xpan and 500 series

Rollieflex twin lens cameras

Safe and Secure.

When you sell with us it is safe, secure and you avoid all the traps normally associated with selling privately. No strangers calling to your house, no worrying if the parcel has been lost in the post and no scammers on auction websites.

The fine print.

We charge a set 20% commission on items over $500 under this amount we charge 30%. Which if you compare to other stores is very reasonable even compared to ebay if you add up fees and paypal commission.

We pay any charges incurred when someone pays by credit card.
We will also pay the correct amount of GST payable to the Australian Taxation Office.
We will list your equipment on our popular web site.
We will cover the guarantee on your equipment.

We will pay you 14 days after the sale of a single item or in the case of large kits after the last item has been sold.

What we do not accept.

Items in poor condition i.e. mechanically not sound or with fungus, ex professional equipment, trinkets and accessories such as filters, bags, tripods etc…

What are you waiting for? Cash in now, take the hassle out of selling and give us a try.