X100 Firmware Update Announced and X100 Ramble

Fuji really have outdone themselves here.

If any of you are still using a vintage X100 camera then like me, you will be thrilled to hear that Fuji has just come out with another firmware update that promises faster startup time, quicker AF speed and focus peaking. This seems like a kind gesture from Fuji as they understand that without the fantastic sales figures from the X100, they wouldn’t be doing nearly so well today in late 2013.

Fuji X100 with standard issue Red ACAM-103 Strap and Red bug
Fuji X100 with standard issue Red ACAM-103 Strap and Red bug

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New Expert Shield Screen protectors for Fuji X100.

We were looking for a good quality screen protector for our X100 cameras as Rene found out to his dismay the plastic is pretty soft and marks easily. So we got hold of some of these and we liked them so much we approched Expert Shield to become the Australian Agents. We are proud to annouce they are available in two versions now in our webshop.


There are two models one is the anti glare which is pictured on my X100 below and the standard gloss version. I love the Anti glare one as while a little grainy I rarely use the screen and this cuts down on reflections coming off the gloss screen. Rene on the other hand prefers the gloss as he can see every detail.

These Screen protectors are of the highest quality for more details see our website here.


Well Fuji seems to have a supply of Rabbits… New X10 announced!

Looks like the team at Fuji is on a roll. The X10 seems a logical next step on the success of the x100. Here are some images of the X10 and a link to the website for the specs.

Ok now to start figuring what to pimp the X10 out with, hmmm all black I think. Fuji has a dedicated website here for the X10 camera.