Voigtlander 25mm MFT Lenses get an Update

Voigtländer has announced a highly anticipated and improved 25mm 0.95 MFT  lens  expected to land in March.

Step-less aperture control – like on the 17.5mm variant – will be possible on the new 25mm lenses.

With tack-sharp optics and that solid brass “Leica” feel, this lens just got much better for those wishing to use it for serious videography work.  Here’s a photo I took last year with the first model and my Olympus OM-D.

photo at www.mattsitas.com
The IBM building photographed with Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 on an Olympus OM-D E-M5 By Matt Sitas

Want one? Own a 25mm already and have a photo you’re proud of? Tell us about it below!

First Sony A7 to visit Mainline Photographics

Regular Mainline Photographics customer Edward was the first Sony A7 owner to visit our showroom with his brand new Sony A7R.

Edward’s Sony A7R fitted with a Voightlander 50mm F1.5 VM-mount lens + Voigtlander adapter

Edward tried a variety of M-mount lenses and is now mulling over his choice. We think that the Voigtlander 50mm f1.5 lens in black complements the camera very well. Note also the Gordy wrist strap.

First impressions? A camera which fits the hand naturally and comfortably, copes well with manual focus lenses and has resolution that seems to go on forever. The Voigtlander 50 F1.5 and 35 F1.2 aquitted themsleves very well even when shooting handheld. We expect that these cameras will be game changers.

New Artisan & Artist Bags Available!

We received two big boxes this week from Japan.

A lovely small red camera bag suitable for Micro Four Thirds mount cameras.
A lovely small red camera bag suitable for Micro Four Thirds mount cameras. Buy here.

We are now stocking a few more exciting camera bags for all occasions, be it for a day trip around the CBD or a gear bag for your exotic holiday.

The RR-05C comes equipped with an easy slider strap (like the E25-R camera straps) to make adjusting the length of the strap easy and quick. Buy here.