Nikon F2 Feature

I think that the Nikon F2 was the best SLR camera until 1996 when Nikon produced the F5*Stout The F2 is the successor to the Nikon F, their first SLR camera, released in 1970. The F2 featured many revisions of the inner and outer workings of their SLR template. The black one above is a Photomic F2 which means it came with a light meter built into the removable viewfinder. The Nikon F system was a modular design system catering to professional photographers. You can remove or swap out the back cover, viewfinder, eye piece, focussing screen and the lens of course. Each of the removable parts had a wide range of replacements which were designed for specific applications such as high volume film backs and photometric grid focus screens. Its really weird seeing your camera stripped down to just a mirror and a shutter.

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Mainline Camera Museum Continues to Grow

We recently received a generous gift for our growing camera museum. A Mainline customer acquired for us a rare Nikkorex outfit:

The Nikkorex Auto 35 with optional Tele Attachment:

Nikkorex Auto 35 with super rare Telephoto lens attatchment. Cool!

Nikkorex Auto 35 with super rare Telephoto lens attachment. Cool!

If you have an old camera lying around and gathering dust, why don’t you donate it to our ever growing camera museum? Your camera may be featured on our blog and will be on display in our Crows Nest showroom. Contact us at (02) 9437-5800 or email us at

Is Nikon finally catching up? Digital Rangefinder maybe?

Nikon while holding it’s own in the DSLR marketplace has always lagged behind most other manufactuers in the compact camera side of things. Now we find this appears on the web a Nikon design countdown to what? A mirrorless compact system? or much better a Digital Rangefinder system? Not long now… place your bets.

Click on the image to check the count or result.

UPDATE:   NO DON’T CLICK!!! it is a waste of time!

What a let down here Nikon had the chance to put themselves in the ballpark again and what do they do set themselves back 5 years….  a bunch of wimpy compact cameras.  Bah Humbug!!!! Back to the drawing board guys.

Well this is what we think!  ( Mainlinephoto collection 1968)