New Fuji wide angle medium format camera the GF670W. Will there be a Bessa III WIDE?

Well we are now getting the 2010 Photokina releases coming out. Though this one is a little unexpected I must admit. A wide angle 667 camera from Fuji.  It begs the question will we see a Voigtlander 667 wide shortly.

Looks like we have a fixie here with a 55mm lens.

This is very interesting as I really thought the Bessa III aka Fuji GF670 would be the last of the great film cameras to be made at least in Medium format.

The Bessa III has been a huge success with  Cosina now almost sold out. Of course many where not interested in the Bessa III with a standard focal length lens, so maybe this is the logical next step. Either way Fuji nor Cosina are not in the habit of producing products that do not sell. No price has been set.

Well guess what…

Looking for film camera instruction manuals? Look no further.

Owner of the website orphan cameras Mike Butkus has produced over many years a labour of love. Here are the missing manuals for those who buy an old film camera. Over 2500 manuals are listed as pdf files.

From old plate cameras through to even the current Cosina made Bessa range are available for download. Not only does Mike list manuals but all kinds of great old photographic chemical processes etc… This is one site to make sure you bookmark

David Jenkins produces his first Tintype image.

Mainline customer and Commercial photographer David Jenkins has just returned from a weekend course on the Tintype process run by Gold Street studios in Victoria. Below is his final image! Almost looks 3D. Learn more about this process here.

Tintype flower by David Jenkins ( Nomad Photography 2010)

So I think this is a good time to remind all of us not to get stuck in the same photographic rut. Try something different! Only still shooting film why not shoot some digital or vice versa. Even better try some Polaroid now that is available again. Or enroll in a Gold Street course and learn about some almost forgotten archaic photographic process.