The OMD-EM1 goes to the St Ives Medieval fair.

Took my OMD and the 45mm 1.8 off to the fair last weekend and had a great time, forgot my spare battery though….


The king about to experience DBT ( death by tickling)


The jousting was fantastic to watch… now that’s an extreme sport!


We watched the finals of the 2015 World Broadsword championships… in the front row

Then my battery ran out and my phone was full oh well… so I just focused on having a good time!

See you there next year!

New toy the Olympus OMD EM5.

A few weeks ago I purchased an OMD body to use with a bunch of different primes Ihave, wow have been mighty impressed with this little cameras performance and can whole heartly recommend it to anyone considering it. There are plenty of reviews out there I like the one here.

We sell a range of straps from Artisan & Artist that suit the OMD or Uncle Gordy’s wrist straps. Mine is pictured with a Khaki ACAM103.