Handy app for getting your tripod and head level, Pro Compass iphone app

This is a great little app that really works as promised not only does it look cool but it does the job of getting everything level quickly, especially in low light no torch needed. Those in camera levels can be very inaccurate so spend the dollar and get it today. Oh and works as a compass too!

Pro Compass

More info on this great tool can be found here at Hunter Instruments. Only available for the iphone.

A must have for the travelling outdoor photographer. The Walkstool.

This great little product caught our attention sometime ago and we have now managed to get supply of the Swedish made Walkstools.

Once you have used one of these you will be going why didn’t I think of this. Not only is it really well made and very comfortable ( and we mean all day comfy) it packs up small and is lightweight. Perfect to simply be left in the car as a go to seat, or use it when shooting with a tripod not only is this more relaxing but as you lower the tripod you are more stable. More uses than a ferret and less smelly everyone deserves one. Tip the 55cm suits most folks.



Everybum needs one of these available now at Mainlinephoto.

Sirui wins German FOTO Magazine award. Best Carbon Fibre Tripod 5 stars!

Well the folks at Sirui are right chuffed at the moment and so they should be. When one of the world’s most authoritative Photographic magazines pits your carbon fibre tripod against all other major brands including Gitzo in a best of  shootout and you win by quite a margin you would have to be happy.

The Sirui tripods have been flying off the shelves here and no wonder, at the price they are for the quality and design there is no need to look further for your dream tripod. Looking for the perfect christmas present for the photographer take a look at our hot picks below. Or if you want one for christmas? then be quick put it on your wish list now to make sure Santa gets it before they sell out.

Here is a few of our picks:

Ultra light travel tripod setup.

Perfect for the uber lightweight traveller as you usually leave the tripod at home and regret it when you need one.

We recommend the Best selling  T-025 ( inc c10 head) 800 grams of carbon magic folds to 30cm! Only $195.00

Something that is still lightweight but with increased stability.

Perfect for the gentleman style traveller who still carries a carpet-bag but needs to have room to spare for other goodies. Or maybe a your an outdoor adventurer into photography who wants to be able to strap it on a pack?

Too easy the choice is the T-1204X  $249.00  for you combined with a KX10 head $109.00 it weighs 1.1 kg.

The all rounder!

Ok so your tripod needs to be a jack of all trades ,your photography takes you far and wide, like a chameleon, one day it will be your Leica M9 on it the next your 617 Linhof and the day after your 5d at the racetrack.

We have got you covered the N-2204 just 1.3kg without head and with a height of 1.650 mt is the perfect all rounder comes with retractable spikes and a leg that removes to become a monopod. All this goodness for only $375.00! We recommend the KX 20 or KX 30 ballheads for this tripod. Wins our top pick for a Landsacape/Nature tripod.

Tip: Using a tripod even when it is not totally necessary I find slows me down and gives me more focus on the image I am trying to capture.  A tripod is an important tool that many of us too often overlook.

Or you can browse the Sirui website right here at Sirui Tripods.

The Panosaurus Panoramic tripod head… is coming to Australia!

Here at Mainlinephoto we are always on the search for new and unique products to add to our quality range of accessories. After the incredible success of our last product the Sun Sniper sling camera strap we thought nothing could surpass it in demand.


We now present the Panosaurus Tripod head. No need for a huge outlay to make perfect mega pixel or panoramic shots at only $139.00 you cannot go wrong. Now almost anyone who owns a digital camera can afford to try their hand at Panoramic photography.

The Panosaurus is made by inventor Greg Rubottom in the USA. It has evolved over several generations into a small mammal sorry… it’s current form. The Panosaurus has received many, many rave reviews,  to read what happy user Gordon Goale writes about it click  here or for even more detail read what Panoramic software guru Max Lyons has to say about it here.

First delivery is due 17th of May and we are taking pre orders now. Email us to be one of the first to experience the Panosaurus revolution!