Mainline Staff member David Jenkins photographs Puppies for Doggie Rescue

Mainlinephoto is a proud supporter of Doggie Rescue. Last week we were contacted to see if we could arrange to have some extra special puppies photographed. The brief was they needed to be super cute.

We think David who volunteered his time did a wonderful job, here are just a few for your enjoyment.


Pleasseee takkkke me home with you


I’am trained in the art of ZEN.


aw shucks just too cute…..

Please visit the Doggie Rescue website here…. Volunteers welcome, dog walkers always needed. Your new Photo Buddy will love you for the time you give especially if you decide to take him home.

Mainline Taronga Zoo Expedition 2013

Work experience student Mao was given the taxing task of photographing animals at the Taronga Zoo last Friday. With David Jenkins as her experienced guide, she set off on a photographic mission.

Here are some fantastic photographs that Mao brought back from the day.

Make sure to click on the images to see the full resolution

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Cool images from Orlando Luminere

Orlando has been experimenting with different ways to produce these amazing other worldly images. No post production just using B+W Close up filters!

Orlando Luminere is a professional photographer based in Sydney NSW he specialises in corporate work but is available for all types of imaging requirements, check out his website here.

Gift ideas for photographers. The Australian Photography and Gallery Compendium.

Looking for cool gift ideas for the photographer that has well you know has almost everything. Here is a really good recommendation.

The Australian Photography and Gallery Compendium is a perfect gift for any person with an interest in photography. At $55 plus postage this beautifully hardbound book contains a collection of treasured images from a wide range of Australian photographers. To see more information click on the image below.

This books is a real work of art and a credit to the photographers and edtiors!

This large coffee table book is a photographic book that you will pick up again and again.

New product range. Custom Brackets USA

We are very excited to have been appointed the distributor for Custom Brackets of the USA. They make a range of innovative flash rotating brackets, lens gimbal units to their new tilt head. Quite simply the range is one of the best made and best thought out solutions for photographers needing these types of products.

One of the most popular items is the CB Junior flash bracket which automatically flips the flash unit when the camera is changed from Landscape to portrait. An absolute must for any wedding or event photographer.

Then with a quick flip:

How clever is that!

Stock is now in transit and now for the great news our pricing to be on par with the US prices. Check our website as the product range should be on it over the coming days.

The Custom Bracket catalog is available to view here.

Improve your Photography. Learn about yourself.

If you are going to pay to learn about something there is one key factor that will make the difference between just completing  a course or actually achieving a transformation. The quality of the teacher.  Lenard Metcalf is a teacher and trainer of the highest calibre and also a very accomplished photographer.

Len’s runs Len’s School which embodies this spirit of looking inwards to discover a students hidden talents. Lenard is able to achieve this as he is a master of  adult education.

As Lenard guides you through your journey of photographic enlightenment you seem to assimilate information without realising it.

Len’s Masterclass is taught over a full year with set classes and terms using both classroom and outdoor settings, this  allows the student to get maximum benefit from Len’s incredible knowledge.

If you are serious about improving your photography or wish to learn more about your inner often hidden talents then the Masterclass is for you.

Len’s School is proudly supported by Mainlinephoto and you can find more information here