Mainline Staff member David Jenkins photographs Puppies for Doggie Rescue

Mainlinephoto is a proud supporter of Doggie Rescue. Last week we were contacted to see if we could arrange to have some extra special puppies photographed. The brief was they needed to be super cute.

We think David who volunteered his time did a wonderful job, here are just a few for your enjoyment.


Pleasseee takkkke me home with you


I’am trained in the art of ZEN.


aw shucks just too cute…..

Please visit the Doggie Rescue website here…. Volunteers welcome, dog walkers always needed. Your new Photo Buddy will love you for the time you give especially if you decide to take him home.

Airline strikes are not new. 50 years of historical photographs.

TWA planes stand idle during the 1961 Strike in the US

Photography has the amazing ability to freeze moments in time, as we are a reminded in this stunning collection of images. Scrolling through these 50 images from 1961 is like taking a walk through history – from the inauguration of John F. Kennedy as the 35th president of the United States to the construction of the Berlin Wall.