Eddycam Camera Straps now available in Australia.

Mainlinephoto is proud to be the importer of the world’s most luxurious camera straps ( and coolest too).  These German made straps have to be one of the most beautifully executed products we have ever seen in the photographic market place. The fine detail is incredible and the feel……. well just say it is unbelievable soft and comfortable. It’s made from Elk hide from Finland.


In fact we are offering a 30 day no questions asked refund if you do not think your new Eddycam strap is the most comfortable strap you have used.

The straps come in a wide range of sizes and colours we are stocking the most popular models check them out on our website here.

New Artisan & Artist camera strap. The ACAM 111 a new thinner strap for smaller cameras.

Stock of these cute straps have just arrived and they fill a perfect niche in the strap market. Works perfectly as a comfortable wrap around the wrist strap but with the security of attaching to both sides of the camera.


This ultra slim strap is only 15mm wide, yet it allows you to carry your camera with comfort and style. Created for compact and mirrorless cameras, its minimalistic design makes it a no nonsense addition for for those who appreciate simple things that just work.


One unique feature of this strap is that it has no protection lug; in fact it doesn’t need any because the steel rings are placed deep in the leather part of the strap, with the leather covering most of the steel ring, making scratches almost impossible.
Available in classic black and red colors 15mm x 910mm and a featherweight 17 grams. Buy one here.