New Product. A must have for all optical cleaning duties ROR

Mainlinephoto is now stocking the world’s best optical cleaner ROR or Residual Oil Remover.

 ROR Spray bottle

ROR is not an optical surface cleaner in the usual sense. It takes a big step beyond routine cleaning. ROR is specifically designed to emulsify and remove microscopic oil residues- a by product of environmental pollution- from the surface and pores of glass and acrylic.

When you clean an optical surface with ROR you will observe a measurable difference in brightness and clarity. For the first time, you will experience pollution free, unimpeded vision. Because ROR removes microscopic oil residues, dust has nothing to adhere to allowing the surface to remain cleaner longer.

ROR is safe and versatile for all delicate surfaces. It has been tested and used on everything from multicoated lenses to beryllium surfaced contacts and has proven time and again to be the finest and safest optical cleaning treatment on the market today.

Invented 25 years ago with professional and amateur photographers in mind, ROR is used today by the military, NASA, astronomers, scientists, hospitals, laboratories and universities.

Protect your investment through regular ROR cleaning and maintenance and your equipment will endure and perform excellently for years to come.

See better. See clearly. See the difference.

We have put together a great value kit including a rocket blower and Mikros lens cloth pack purchase it here.

A must have for the travelling outdoor photographer. The Walkstool.

This great little product caught our attention sometime ago and we have now managed to get supply of the Swedish made Walkstools.

Once you have used one of these you will be going why didn’t I think of this. Not only is it really well made and very comfortable ( and we mean all day comfy) it packs up small and is lightweight. Perfect to simply be left in the car as a go to seat, or use it when shooting with a tripod not only is this more relaxing but as you lower the tripod you are more stable. More uses than a ferret and less smelly everyone deserves one. Tip the 55cm suits most folks.



Everybum needs one of these available now at Mainlinephoto.

Improve your Photography. Learn about yourself.

If you are going to pay to learn about something there is one key factor that will make the difference between just completing  a course or actually achieving a transformation. The quality of the teacher.  Lenard Metcalf is a teacher and trainer of the highest calibre and also a very accomplished photographer.

Len’s runs Len’s School which embodies this spirit of looking inwards to discover a students hidden talents. Lenard is able to achieve this as he is a master of  adult education.

As Lenard guides you through your journey of photographic enlightenment you seem to assimilate information without realising it.

Len’s Masterclass is taught over a full year with set classes and terms using both classroom and outdoor settings, this  allows the student to get maximum benefit from Len’s incredible knowledge.

If you are serious about improving your photography or wish to learn more about your inner often hidden talents then the Masterclass is for you.

Len’s School is proudly supported by Mainlinephoto and you can find more information here

New Sun Sniper straps The Pro BEAR and Compact Bear.

The Sun Sniper Sling camera straps have been a huge success worldwide. Now with the release of a new attachment system they just got a whole lot better. These really are a better way to carry your camera.

Carry your camera the Sun Sniper Way!

In addition to the steel anti theft cable safety feature the Pro and Compact straps have a friction eliminating genuine stainless steel bearing for better spinning and less swinging.

New bearing system makes the Sun Sniper even stronger.

This new camera/strap connector development also shortens the physical distance between camera and strap and reduces drastically unwanted swaying thus making the camera incredibly stable on the strap.

New bearing attaches firmly to tripod mount on camera or lens.

The new Compact strap is basically a slimmed down version of the Pro strap and is perfect for those that use a compact for street and travel photography. This strap wins our HOT PICK award for the year!

Perfect solution for compacts and small videocams.

The whole Sun Sniper range is available for purchase on our website at  Mainlinephoto.

Homemade lenses lots and lots of fun….

Always a fan of the DIY photography website… and this is really cool. Make your own lenses or adapt others the list of ideas is endless. Digital cameras with interchangable lenses make this easy to do and fun.

This is the simplest of lenses an element stuck on the bayonet mount.

Yet with a simple paper aperture disc it can turn out beautiful images.

There is a whole Flickr gallery devoted to them check it out here the Homemade lens pool

Viewfinders for the Panasonic Lumix LX3 & Leica Dlux 4

It seems that smart folks have discovered how to turn the Panasonic Lumix LX3 or Leica DLUX 4 into very usable street and travel photography cameras,  with the addition of an external viewfinder. Even though the wide setting on these cameras is 24mm the finder of choice is actually a 21mm! Judging by the amount of finders we are selling this has proved very popular.

Read one customers report below:

Scott, terrific service – arrived today. Thanks!

You may want to add this to your Web site.
The Voigtlander 21mm Viewfinder works perfectly on the Panasonic Lumix LX3 (and presumably the more expensive Leica d-lux4 equivalent). And it’s lots cheaper than the (very hard to find) Panasonic version.

WITH glasses, the bright frame is clearly visible and accurately frames the 24mm fully wide setting. No idea why a 21mm viewfinder is accurate for a 24mm lens but it is. It’s not immediately obvious but if you go into the SETTINGS menu and turn the “External Viewfinder” option ON then multiple presses of the “Display” button turns the LCD OFF completely but leaves the Focus LED working. Since the default of the camera is 24m you have an instant no-display street camera with a quality viewfinder. The flash cann’t pop up, but who cares. Very nice.

Regards, John

I myself have been using these finders on both the M6 and M8 for a few years now and have been very pleased with their performance and durability. I even accidentally dropped one down a set of stone steps at Machu Picchu thinking… oh no ! When retrieved it was fine, just a tad scuffed. Handy tip: to store your finders get a small velvet jewelery bag.

They are also available in other focal lengths for all other viewfinder needs. You can see them all here on our webpage in Voigtlander Viewfinders.