Why camera insurance is important and who we recommend.

Just one peek at the Leica M9 in the photo below is enough to make any photographer without equipment insurance think twice…

Bang one drop and there it is an $8000 + paperweight. Even a lucky cat was no help to it.

M9 Broken

A complete write off sadly.

There are a couple of really good companies who specialise in camera insurance we can recommend both of them.

Protecsure is underwritten by Chubb insurance and has excellent travel coverage. Another company that has been getting good feedback about is Photoinsurance mainly set up for the working Pro though.

SIRUI Tripods getting rave reviews.

Sirui tripods have been getting great reviews across the web. The best selling travel tripod the T-025 is tested in depth on the Pentax Forum here T-025X Review.

At just under 800 grams this is the go to travel tripod for the smaller camera set!

DP REVIEW gives the SIRUI T 2005X the heads up as best in class for an Alloy travel tripod, though we much prefer the carbon version the T-2205X due to its light weight and sexy feel.

The next model up in the Sirui tripods is the T-2205X and T-2204X which are good enough for a DSR and longer lens setup for serious photography while travelling.

Siui factory visit

The factory and HQ was pretty cool to see!

Sirui products are available at our online store open 24/7 Mainlinephoto.

Maronites on the Mountain Trail

Mainline Customer Mike Cottee sent us a photo of a Maronite Monk that he took whilst walking the Lebanon Mountain Trail.

No Funny Business - Photograph by Mike Cottee 2013
No Funny Business – Photograph by Mike Cottee 2013

The Maronites are a Syriac-Christian ethnoreligious group in the Levant region. They are said to derive their name from the Syriac Aramean saint Mar Maron (Mar, the Syriac title for a Master, is used in reference to saints) whose followers moved to Mount Lebanon from northern Syria establishing the Maronite Church.

Maronites were able to maintain an independent status in Mount Lebanon and its coastline after the Arab Islamic conquest, maintaining their religion and language there until the 13th century. Remnants of their language exist in Cyprus and formerly in some secluded mountain villages, which have since adopted Arabic due to government standardization.

The (LMT) is the first long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon. It extends from Al-Qbaiyat in the north of Lebanon to Marjaayoun in the south, a 440-km (275 miles) path that transects more than 75 towns and villages at altitude ranging from 600 meters to 2,000 meters (about 1,800-6,000 feet) above sea level. The LMT showcases the natural beauty and cultural wealth of Lebanon’s mountains and demonstrates the determination of the people of Lebanon to conserve this unique heritage. The trail brings communities closer together and expands economic opportunities in rural areas through environmentally and socially responsible tourism.

http://www.lebanontrail.org/ for more information on the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Images from our last trip to Northern Vietnam

Here are a few of my images of the Red Dao tribe from a remote village in the Northern Mountains of Vietnam ( makers of the best darn rice wine spirits you will ever taste).

Red Dao child ( mailninephoto collection 2012)

Keeping warm Red Dao children. ( mainlinephoto collection 2012)

Nice Scarf – we provided warm scarves to the needy, many became very creative in how to wear them!

We can reach Lightspeed…. oh wait is that a wall ahead! ( mainlinephoto collection 2012)

Too cute,  the kids are alright hanging out! (mainlinephoto collection 2012)

Sirui wins German FOTO Magazine award. Best Carbon Fibre Tripod 5 stars!

Well the folks at Sirui are right chuffed at the moment and so they should be. When one of the world’s most authoritative Photographic magazines pits your carbon fibre tripod against all other major brands including Gitzo in a best of  shootout and you win by quite a margin you would have to be happy.

The Sirui tripods have been flying off the shelves here and no wonder, at the price they are for the quality and design there is no need to look further for your dream tripod. Looking for the perfect christmas present for the photographer take a look at our hot picks below. Or if you want one for christmas? then be quick put it on your wish list now to make sure Santa gets it before they sell out.

Here is a few of our picks:

Ultra light travel tripod setup.

Perfect for the uber lightweight traveller as you usually leave the tripod at home and regret it when you need one.

We recommend the Best selling  T-025 ( inc c10 head) 800 grams of carbon magic folds to 30cm! Only $195.00

Something that is still lightweight but with increased stability.

Perfect for the gentleman style traveller who still carries a carpet-bag but needs to have room to spare for other goodies. Or maybe a your an outdoor adventurer into photography who wants to be able to strap it on a pack?

Too easy the choice is the T-1204X  $249.00  for you combined with a KX10 head $109.00 it weighs 1.1 kg.

The all rounder!

Ok so your tripod needs to be a jack of all trades ,your photography takes you far and wide, like a chameleon, one day it will be your Leica M9 on it the next your 617 Linhof and the day after your 5d at the racetrack.

We have got you covered the N-2204 just 1.3kg without head and with a height of 1.650 mt is the perfect all rounder comes with retractable spikes and a leg that removes to become a monopod. All this goodness for only $375.00! We recommend the KX 20 or KX 30 ballheads for this tripod. Wins our top pick for a Landsacape/Nature tripod.

Tip: Using a tripod even when it is not totally necessary I find slows me down and gives me more focus on the image I am trying to capture.  A tripod is an important tool that many of us too often overlook.

Or you can browse the Sirui website right here at Sirui Tripods.

New product Sirui Tripods and Ballheads. Lightweight and affordable.

We have been appointed the Australian Distributor for the SIRUI tripod range Sirui is a well know top quality brand in it’s home country China. It could be on of  China’s best kept secrets. These are quality kit. As our customers know we do not sell anything we are not happy using ourselves. So now you can get that lightweight carbon fibre tripod you have always wanted at a fraction of the cost of the euro brands.

Highest quality manufacturing processes and materials with 6 year warranty!

The real winner of the range is the little travel tripod the T-025 which we just have to say is the ultimate travellers tripod for those like me who tend to leave theirs behind. This 600 gram wonder folds to 30cm yet extends to 130cm! So there is no excuse for not having a stable support to hand now. It comes with a beautiful matching ballhead that will take upto 6kg. All for only $195.00

Destined for great things off the beaten track….

Absolutely perfect for Micro Four Thirds cameras, the Fuji x100, Leica M8 & M9 etc… Great with compact video cameras as the ballhead has a separate pan control. We have even used it with our DSLR’s. Try one for 14 days and if your not convinced it’s worth every gram of it’s measly weight send it back for a full refund! Comes with one plate and carry bag.

Well Fuji seems to have a supply of Rabbits… New X10 announced!

Looks like the team at Fuji is on a roll. The X10 seems a logical next step on the success of the x100. Here are some images of the X10 and a link to the website for the specs.

Ok now to start figuring what to pimp the X10 out with, hmmm all black I think. Fuji has a dedicated website here for the X10 camera.