X100 Firmware Update Announced and X100 Ramble

Fuji really have outdone themselves here.

If any of you are still using a vintage X100 camera then like me, you will be thrilled to hear that Fuji has just come out with another firmware update that promises faster startup time, quicker AF speed and focus peaking. This seems like a kind gesture from Fuji as they understand that without the fantastic sales figures from the X100, they wouldn’t be doing nearly so well today in late 2013.

Fuji X100 with standard issue Red ACAM-103 Strap and Red bug

Fuji X100 with standard issue Red ACAM-103 Strap and Red bug

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Red Sunset

Red Sunset

I bought an X100. Here’s a panoramic stitch photograph from earlier this week.
Individual shots were taken handheld and photoshop did the rest of the work. I’m still playing with the X100 but so far I find it’s a fantastic camera. Really the only digital camera I need.

New Expert Shield Screen protectors for Fuji X100.

We were looking for a good quality screen protector for our X100 cameras as Rene found out to his dismay the plastic is pretty soft and marks easily. So we got hold of some of these and we liked them so much we approched Expert Shield to become the Australian Agents. We are proud to annouce they are available in two versions now in our webshop.


There are two models one is the anti glare which is pictured on my X100 below and the standard gloss version. I love the Anti glare one as while a little grainy I rarely use the screen and this cuts down on reflections coming off the gloss screen. Rene on the other hand prefers the gloss as he can see every detail.

These Screen protectors are of the highest quality for more details see our website here.


New product Sirui Tripods and Ballheads. Lightweight and affordable.

We have been appointed the Australian Distributor for the SIRUI tripod range Sirui is a well know top quality brand in it’s home country China. It could be on of  China’s best kept secrets. These are quality kit. As our customers know we do not sell anything we are not happy using ourselves. So now you can get that lightweight carbon fibre tripod you have always wanted at a fraction of the cost of the euro brands.

Highest quality manufacturing processes and materials with 6 year warranty!

The real winner of the range is the little travel tripod the T-025 which we just have to say is the ultimate travellers tripod for those like me who tend to leave theirs behind. This 600 gram wonder folds to 30cm yet extends to 130cm! So there is no excuse for not having a stable support to hand now. It comes with a beautiful matching ballhead that will take upto 6kg. All for only $195.00

Destined for great things off the beaten track….

Absolutely perfect for Micro Four Thirds cameras, the Fuji x100, Leica M8 & M9 etc… Great with compact video cameras as the ballhead has a separate pan control. We have even used it with our DSLR’s. Try one for 14 days and if your not convinced it’s worth every gram of it’s measly weight send it back for a full refund! Comes with one plate and carry bag.

Every photographer needs to know this.

How to do a perfect job of tying your tie! Presented by Mainlinephoto customer  Gudio Wong. Shot on his X100. No smoke or mirrors were used in the making of this video. Oh and no ferrets either.

Guido apart from being into all things nice writes a blog sorry bRog called Most Exerent check it out if you like the finer things in life Guido has got you covered!