Voigtlander 25mm MFT Lenses get an Update

Voigtländer has announced a highly anticipated and improved 25mm 0.95 MFT  lens  expected to land in March.

Step-less aperture control – like on the 17.5mm variant – will be possible on the new 25mm lenses.

With tack-sharp optics and that solid brass “Leica” feel, this lens just got much better for those wishing to use it for serious videography work.  Here’s a photo I took last year with the first model and my Olympus OM-D.

photo at www.mattsitas.com

The IBM building photographed with Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 on an Olympus OM-D E-M5 By Matt Sitas

Want one? Own a 25mm already and have a photo you’re proud of? Tell us about it below!

Leica II Turns up

In this photograph is an 82 (maybe 81) year old Leica.

82 years is a long time for anything to run for, let alone a very precise instrument such as this. Granted, there have been signs of a qualified technician servicing this but as far as we can tell, all the visible parts are original. You can see how the once white ink has corroded (or more likely, allowed for corrosive elements to come in contact with) the glossy black finish to leave an interesting scarring effect. All the speeds are dead on still (probably thanks to the CLA it’s had somewhere along the line) and the wind on is still smooth.

Leica IId_DSF7640

Very cool! It’s clearly seen some careful and consistent use which is in my opinion the only practical way to ensure a long life for your vintage gear.

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First Sony A7 to visit Mainline Photographics

Regular Mainline Photographics customer Edward was the first Sony A7 owner to visit our showroom with his brand new Sony A7R.


Edward’s Sony A7R fitted with a Voightlander 50mm F1.5 VM-mount lens + Voigtlander adapter

Edward tried a variety of M-mount lenses and is now mulling over his choice. We think that the Voigtlander 50mm f1.5 lens in black complements the camera very well. Note also the Gordy wrist strap.

First impressions? A camera which fits the hand naturally and comfortably, copes well with manual focus lenses and has resolution that seems to go on forever. The Voigtlander 50 F1.5 and 35 F1.2 aquitted themsleves very well even when shooting handheld. We expect that our special offer of free Voigtlander adapter with the Voigtlander 50 is going to prove very popular.

Fujifilm Polaroid Woes!

Four days ago, a Fujifilm representative responded to an email from the Phoblographer (Chris Gampat). In their response, the representative advised that “FP-3000B is being discontinued, as a result of decreases in world-wide global demand.”

The very thing

This has caused general dismay in the film-shooting online communities across the world and a petition is already in place to protest the discontinuation of this product (Please see the Change.org petition and sign if you haven’t already!)

The FP-3000B film stock is a favourite of amateurs and professionals alike, being compatible with the famous Land Polaroid cameras and many Polaroid backs for medium format cameras. With very fast processing speeds and a unique light sensitivity, what’s not to like?

We at Mainline all love this film dearly and would be unhappy to see it go. This is a frame I took with a Land camera last year demonstrating the FP-3000B’s beautiful gradations from black to white.



Sightron Nano Tracker Gives You Night Vision!

NOW IN STOCK is a very special tool for astrophotography enthusiasts. The Sightron Nano Tracker has caused a bit of a racket on the astrophotography forums and review publications. Priced at $295, the Nano Tracker is a very affordable solution for taking long exposure photographs of a star field.

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Nikon DF Mainline Makeover Preview

The rumour sites have been in meltdown over the imminent release of Nikon’s new retro styled DSLR – the DF – due out before Christmas.
Here is a hint of how one might look after the obligatory Mainline makeover… Of course we don’t have our hands on a DF yet so we used Rene’s F3, the great great great grandfather of the new DF.


Thumbs Up Beep soft release and the superb Voigtlander 28 f2.8 F-mount manual focus lens with focus confirmation and f-stop control.

Compare and check out the looks – that is a strong bloodline. When we get hold of a DF we’ll post a side by side comparison to see how close we were.


Thumbs Up Opera Act 2 soft release and Voigtlander 28 f2.8 F-mount


Thumbs Up Boop soft release and the fast Voigtlander 40 f2 F-mount manual focus lens with aperture control and focus confirmation

Artisan & Artist strap, Thumbs Up soft release and the Voigtlander 28 f2.8 F-mount lens.


Artisan & Artist strap, Thumbs Up soft release and the  Voigtlander 28 f2.8 F-mount.

Now there is a street camera par excellence – of course the accessories are also available in black for a more discrete look.

mainline-f3-06And of course we should not forget the Linhof screw thread cable release.


Nikon D800 with ancestor F3 on FLM ballheads

To celebrate the new arrival, Mainline Photographics will give a 10% discount on accessories to the first customer to bring a Nikon DF into the shop for a makeover.

Cosina Announces Full Frame Close Focus Adapter

On Monday, Cosina announced a new close focus adapter.

The VM-E Close Focus Adapter enables the minimum focus distance of M mount lenses to be shorter.

The adapter fits the Sony E mount and will have Full Frame capability and will work on the up coming Sony A7.

VM-E Close Focus Adapter


This adapter is now available to pre-order on our website.

Get your order in to be one of the first to use this  fantastic gadget from Voigtländer.