New lenses announced from Voigtlander.

Voigtlander have unveiled some exciting new lenses at Photokina 2014.

No prices or delivery dates have been set yet.

Nokton 10.5mm 0.95

The new ultra wide 10.5mm 0.95 Nokton for MFT

A new ultra fast wide angle for Micro Four Thirds with an effective focal length of 21mm this little beauty is going to be a winner with Olympus and Panasonic owners.

15mm 4.5 Version III

A must have the new 15mm 4.5 Heliar version III

A new version III of the ever loved 15mm 4.5 heliar completely redesigned for use on the Leica M digitals and Sony A7 cameras with virtually no colour fringing Whoo Hoo!

35mm 1.7 Vintage Line

The all new 35mm 1.7 Ultron now in black or silver

Expanding on the new Vintage line of lenses is a remake of the old (but a goodie) 35mm 1.7 Ultron lens. With the same look and materials as the current Nokton 50mm 1.5 this lens has been again completely redesigned for the best performance on the current crop of digital cameras. Silver model is all brass the black is brass and aluminium.

We are taking pre orders for all of these on our website here.

A must have for the travelling outdoor photographer. The Walkstool.

This great little product caught our attention sometime ago and we have now managed to get supply of the Swedish made Walkstools.

Once you have used one of these you will be going why didn’t I think of this. Not only is it really well made and very comfortable ( and we mean all day comfy) it packs up small and is lightweight. Perfect to simply be left in the car as a go to seat, or use it when shooting with a tripod not only is this more relaxing but as you lower the tripod you are more stable. More uses than a ferret and less smelly everyone deserves one. Tip the 55cm suits most folks.



Everybum needs one of these available now at Mainlinephoto.

Why camera insurance is important and who we recommend.

Just one peek at the Leica M9 in the photo below is enough to make any photographer without equipment insurance think twice…

Bang one drop and there it is an $8000 + paperweight. Even a lucky cat was no help to it.

M9 Broken

A complete write off sadly.

There are a couple of really good companies who specialise in camera insurance we can recommend both of them.

Protecsure is underwritten by Chubb insurance and has excellent travel coverage. Another company that has been getting good feedback about is Photoinsurance mainly set up for the working Pro though.

The Mainlinephoto camera museum is growing!

Many of our customers know we have a rather large and rapidly expanding old film camera collection which has become our pride and joy.

Last week a customer donated his complete Czechoslovakian TLR camera collection which has every model made pre Meopta and post Meopta ( except for the very first model). Awesome thanks Mark they are proudly on display now.


Got an old classic camera you don’t want gathering dust then donate it to us let us know what you have and if we don’t have it in our collection we will even pay the postage !

SIRUI Tripods getting rave reviews.

Sirui tripods have been getting great reviews across the web. The best selling travel tripod the T-025 is tested in depth on the Pentax Forum here T-025X Review.

At just under 800 grams this is the go to travel tripod for the smaller camera set!

DP REVIEW gives the SIRUI T 2005X the heads up as best in class for an Alloy travel tripod, though we much prefer the carbon version the T-2205X due to its light weight and sexy feel.

The next model up in the Sirui tripods is the T-2205X and T-2204X which are good enough for a DSR and longer lens setup for serious photography while travelling.

Siui factory visit

The factory and HQ was pretty cool to see!

Sirui products are available at our online store open 24/7 Mainlinephoto.