Fotoman Cameras ceases production.


The flagship of the range the 617. Our best seller.

Sad news but true. Paul Droluk and partners have decided to shut down production of all Fotoman products effective immediately.

A press release issued to all dealers explains that financially it is no longer viable to manufacture small volumes of Fotoman cameras in China.

The company will continue to operate until current inventory has been exhausted. Warranty service and backup will be available for at least 5 years.

Kudos must be given to Paul and his team for producing a range of film based cameras in this day and age. Fotoman has made it’s mark in the history of film cameras.

Mainlinephoto as the largest reseller of Fotoman 617 cameras worldwide has been able to secure some of the last stocks of these so if you are interested in getting into 617 photography at the right price act now. We will continue to support all 617 photographers as we have in the past with accessories such as filters, servicing, gallery exposure and helpful advice.

Customer Profile: Landscape Photographer Dan O’Dwyer

Mainline customer and Fotoman owner Dan O’Dwyer has a big advantage over alot of other photographers his day job as a Helicopter pilot takes him to plenty of amazing photogenic locations.

Dan takes a break

His works are on display in galleries in Alice Springs and of course due to his work he has been able to get some fantastic panoramas of Ayers Rock.

Uluru NT
Golden Gate bridge

Take a click over to Dan’s website and have a look at his work here at the Dan O’Dwyer gallery.

Customer Profile Mark Zissis landscape photographer

Mark Zissis has gone full circle in his photography coming from a digital studio background to become one of the countries up and coming Panoramic landscape photographers. Mark uses a Linhof 617 technorama with several lenses to capture his images often spending days in the one spot to get the right shot. Take a look at his new website here. Even Ken Duncan has noticed Mark’s work….. no wonder his prints are flying off the walls! below are some samples of his work.

Customer Profile Geoff White

“The Hazards” Freycinet Tasmania

Geoff White is a Sydney based landscape photographer who travels widely with his trusty Linhof 617. When not taking photos he moonlights as an IT geeky type ( though he certainly doesn’t look it, must be all the sun and fresh air …. balances things out is my guess).
I have picked just a few of his photos here you can see plenty more at his very nice website

“Heartbreak” Oz in the grip of the drought

“Aorangi” Mt Cook & it’s 1km long summit ridge. Aerial shot Tasman glacier NZ

Customer profiles Craig Fallshaw

Craig has only recently acquired his Fotoman 617 but has already started turning out some great work plus he now has an excuse to turn those business trips into photographic holidays. Craig runs a successful vitamin manufacturing business but his real passion is Outdoor Photography.
He is also one of the many photographers that started out digital and has turned to film! Good work Craig, you can see more of his fine images here at 33 degrees south